LCS 2022 Spring Week 8 schedule and betting odds

We are heading to the last week of the LCS 2022 Spring regular season, and it's a super week where each team plays 3 games. Cloud9 is the sole leader in the LCS currently, and they will try to strengthen their place at the top, playing against the impressive Dignitas side, improved 100 Thieves and the disappointing Evil Geniuses.

After their first 2-0 week where they defeated Cloud9, TSM sits on 4-11 and they even have the chance of making the playoffs, although it’s a long shot. They will have to take down 100 Thieves, CLG and Team Liquid for that job. The teams that are close to guaranteeing playoffs participation are FlyQuest, Dignitas, Evil Geniuses and Golden Guardians. We will see if they can make it this weekend. Even one win from DIG, EG and GG means IMT and TSM are out.

LCS 2022 Spring Week 7 recap

With their improving form over the recent weeks, 100 Thieves were able to take down Immortals easily. Abbedagge is on form, and when he is, he makes a big difference among LCS mid laners. Team Liquid had no struggle defeating the underperforming CLG side, but the upset came next. After being stuck at the bottom for weeks with only two victories, TSM defeated Cloud9 with Fudge on Veigar. Tactical and Spica led their team to the win which might get them a playoff spot in the long run.

Dignitas has been impressive this season but their form is declining rapidly, in a very slow match that took 34 minutes with 13 kills in total, Evil Geniuses managed to outclass them. Golden Guardians found a very important victory against FlyQuest, and we moved on to the second day.

The champion is back: 100 Thieves showed a great performance against Evil Geniuses, even though enemy Zeri was fed, they were able to take the win with great teamwork. Golden Guardians secured the 2-0 week against Dignitas and after getting bested by GG, FlyQuest bested Team Liquid, causing an even bigger stir.

CLG was no match for Cloud9, Blaber and Berserker were in a different class that day. TSM defeated Immortals to secure the 2-0 week, tie their place with IMT and keep their playoff hopes alive.

LCS 2022 Spring Week 8 schedule

Check out the schedule below:

Friday, March 25
Team Liquid (1.22) vs Golden Guardians (3.80) - 22:30 CET
Evil Geniuses (1.42) vs FlyQuest (2.70) - 23:30 CET

Saturday, March 26
Dignitas (2.90) vs Cloud9 (1.35) - 00:30 CET
Immortals (1.85) vs CLG (1.85) - 01:30 CET
TSM (3.20) vs 100 Thieves (1.30) - 02:30 CET

Team Liquid (1.35) vs Dignitas (3.00) - 21:30 CET
Golden Guardians (2.40) vs Evil Geniuses (1.50) - 22:30 CET
Cloud9 (1.60) vs 100 Thieves (2.20) - 23:30 CET

Sunday, March 27
TSM (1.70) vs CLG (2.05) - 00:30 CET
Immortals (2.15) vs FlyQuest (1.62) - 01:30 CET

Dignitas vs 100 Thieves - 21:30 CET
Evil Geniuses vs CLG - 22:30 CET
FlyQuest vs Cloud9 - 23:30 CET

Monday, March 28
Immortals vs Golden Guardians - 00:30 CET
TSM vs Team Liquid - 01:30 CET

There will surely be many storylines in the super week. As mentioned earlier, for TSM and Immortals to lose all their hope, one win from DIG, EG and GG will be enough. If they take a loss themselves, that means game over. They have to put in their best performance, but they have strong challenges on the first day itself. TSM will fight the improving 100 Thieves, the champions of last season, and Immortals have to go through CLG who are also looking for a playoff spot themselves.

Cloud9’s schedule doesn’t look too tough, although they will be playing 100 Thieves. 100, TL and C9 are at the peak of their form, so watching 100 vs C9 will be great and it will give us a hint about what could happen in the playoffs. Team Liquid’s main challenge this week will be defeating three teams that are working towards making playoffs. Some could consider this easy, some might think it’s harder than it looks.

To have a better grasp of what’s possible in the last week, check out the current standings in the LCS below:

Placements Teams Scores Playoffs
1 Cloud9 12-3 Locked
2 Team Liquid 11-4 Locked
3 100 Thieves 10-5 Locked
4 FlyQuest 8-7 Not Locked
5 Dignitas 7-8 Not Locked
5 Evil Geniuses 7-8 Not Locked
5 Golden Guardians 7-8 Not Locked
8 CLG 5-10 Not Locked
9 Immortals 4-11 Not Locked
10 TSM 4-11 Not Locked

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