LCS 2022 Spring Week 7 schedule and betting odds

All the major leagues are ending, but LCS 2022 Spring will take two more weeks before the playoffs begin. By defeating Team Liquid last week, Cloud9 claimed the first place, and they are undoubtedly the best team in the league. Let’s have a look at the sixth week’s matches, and move on to week 7’s games.

Although they won one in the fifth week, TSM had yet another 0-2 week. However, the teams above them, Immortals, Golden Guardians and CLG, are all very close to finishing their season inside the playoffs zone. Are they better than Evil Geniuses, FlyQuest or Dignitas? As of now, it is not clear, but all the teams will play five games in the remaining two weeks, and we always love underdog stories.

LCS 2022 Spring Week 6 recap

If you follow LCS, you know that last year’s champions 100 Thieves are having a hard time this season. It took them 46 minutes to defeat the Golden Guardians, but in the end, it was a very valuable win for them to start a win streak. Following that, CLG found a win against FlyQuest which helped them get back into the playoffs race. They will definitely thank their Turkish ADC Luger for that one.

Team Liquid took down the disappointing Evil Geniuses side, and Cloud9 defeated Immortals in a similar fashion, but much faster. On the last game of the day, TSM failed to find a win against an impressive Dignitas.

Second day of the week started with a very important match, Cloud9 vs Team Liquid. It was the clash of titans, as both teams were leading the league with the same score. In the end, Cloud9 imposed their fast and efficient gameplan on Team Liquid, defeating TL in 32 minutes with 13-6. Summit really outclassed Bwipo with his Tryndamere, although Bwipo had the chance to counter him with Jax.

100 Thieves’ top side stomped FlyQuest the following game, handing a 0-2 week to one of the surprisingly good teams this season. EG’s Danny and Inspired led their team to victory against TSM which took only 25 minutes. Dignitas used the power of Aphelios to outclass Irelia and Jinx from Immortals side, and CLG finished the week 2-0 and found themselves on top of Golden Guardians after defeating them following yet another impressive Kai’Sa from Luger.

LCS 2022 Spring Week 9 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule below:

Saturday, 19 March
Immortals (3.60) vs 100 Thieves (1.25) - 22:30 CET
Team Liquid (1.12) vs CLG (5.50) - 23:30 CET

Sunday, 20 March
TSM (6.60) vs Cloud9 (1.08) - 00:30 CET
Evil Geniuses (1.72) vs Dignitas (2.00) - 01:30 CET
Golden Guardians (2.00) vs FlyQuest (1.72) - 02:30 CET

Evil Geniuses (2.20) vs 100 Thieves (1.60) - 21:30 CET
Golden Guardians (2.10) vs Dignitas (1.65) - 22:30 CET
Team Liquid (1.32) vs FlyQuest (3.10) - 23:30 CET

Monday, 21 March
CLG (4.50) vs Cloud9 (1.17) - 00:30 CET
Immortals (1.72) vs TSM (2.00) - 01:30 CET

After a 0-2 week, CLG has a very tough challenge this time. They will face the two best teams in the league in a row. Although they are the underdogs in both games, even a win from one of these matches should affect their playoffs chances heavily. If not, they will have to wait for the super week. Immortals will face 100 Thieves to stop their 5 games long losing streak, but they are facing 100 that is so much better than what they were a few weeks back.

Evil Geniuses will face Dignitas and 100 Thieves this week, they are behind these teams in the table and taking wins should help their chances a lot, while CLG is having a very tough week, they might widen the gap between them and the bottom of the table. However, DIG and 100 are in good form.

Together with Dignitas, FlyQuest is one of the teams in LCS having a rather weak roster that was able to defeat some of the best. They will first face Golden Guardians that showed a weak performance until now, and then Team Liquid. They have the power to outclass GG, but do they have the potential to upset TL? We shall see.

Check out the standings at LCS below:

Placements Teams Scores
1 Cloud9 11-2
2 Team Liquid 10-3
3 100 Thieves 8-5
4 Dignitas 7-6
4 FlyQuest 7-6
6 Evil Geniuses 6-7
7 CLG 5-8
7 Golden Guardians 5-8
9 Immortals 4-9
10 TSM 2-11


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