LCS 2022 Spring Week 6 schedule and betting odds

We are heading into the sixth week of LCS 2022 Spring, and we have some great news for you: fans will be able to attend the playoffs! LCS became the first major league to announce that it will have fans watching the playoffs games, which is a significant moment for League of Legends esports. Things are getting back to normal, finally.

Nothing much changed during the fifth week, Cloud9 and Team Liquid are still leading the league with 9 wins. However, good news for TSM fans, defeating Golden Guardians on the last game of the day, TSM reached their second win of the season. Let’s have a look at what happened this week, and move on to the next week’s matches.

LCS 2022 Spring Week 5 recap

The fifth week of LCS 2022 Spring started with Evil Geniuses vs Immortals. Although EG looked so much better during Lock-In, both these teams have had a rough season so far. Using Danny’s 9-1 Ezreal, EG secured their fifth win and got a huge advantage for the playoffs race. Following that, FlyQuest expectedly defeated TSM, although Huni really did try to save his team with a strong Tryndamere performance.

Team Liquid kept their good form going against 100 Thieves, while the latter kept on disappointing. Although Ssumday played a 6-2-4 Tryndamere, it wasn’t enough to stop TL’s big weapons, Viktor and Zeri. Cloud9 easily destroyed Golden Guardians, and Dignitas found a very valuable win against CLG in 30 minutes, finishing the first day.

TL started the second day with an interesting pick: Bwipo played tank Shyvana top with Ghost against Graves. You can decide if it worked or not, but nonetheless, they reached the win by getting their carries fed, Viego, Viktor and Jhin. Being able to field CoreJJ made TL even stronger.

100 Thieves found a soothing win against CLG in 30 minutes with 11-3, and Cloud9 moved on to utterly destroy Evil Geniuses, having yet another 2-0 week under their new coach. FlyQuest struggled against Dignitas but still managed to grab a win out of it. On the last game of the day, TSM surprised Golden Guardians following a great Graves performance from Huni.

LCS 2022 Spring Week 6 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule for the next week below:

Saturday, 12 March
FlyQuest (1.50) vs CLG (2.40) - 22:30 CET
Golden Guardians (2.60) vs 100 Thieves (1.45) - 23:30 CET

Sunday, 13 March
Team Liquid (1.45) vs Evil Geniuses (2.60) - 00:30 CET
TSM (1.28) vs Dignitas (3.40) - 01:30 CET
Immortals (3.40) vs Cloud9 (1.28) - 02:30 CET

FlyQuest (2.60) vs 100 Thieves (1.42) - 21:30 CET
Team Liquid (1.72) vs Cloud9 (2.00) - 22:30 CET
TSM (3.00) vs Evil Geniuses (1.35) - 23:30 CET

Monday, 14 March
Immortals (2.05) vs Dignitas (1.68) - 00:30 CET
Golden Guardians (1.62) vs CLG (2.15) - 01:30 CET

As always, there are some good matches this week. Two shaky teams, Golden Guardians and 100 Thieves will face each other. 100 is definitely a strong team, but GG is highly unpredictable. Immortals will play Cloud9 but the latter might prove too strong for them despite the former not being as bad as last year. However, if C9 gets confused because of their second match, that could give IMT a chance.

This year’s surprising star FlyQuest will face 100 Thieves on the following day to widen the gap between the two teams, claiming the third place. Additionally, the next match will see one of the first-place teams get a loss, so the winner here might get a shot at being the second place.

That match is Team Liquid vs Cloud9. They are definitely the two best teams in the LCS 2022 Spring, but only one will get the victory. TL is a very strong team and CoreJJ is able to play, thanks to his green card situation being solved. Because Cloud9 is a premature team, TL seems to be the favourite here, but there are very few differences between them both. TL vs C9 will definitely be a must-watch.

Check out the current standings at LCS 2022 Spring before you move on to the matches:

Placements Teams Scores
1 Cloud9 9-2
1 Team Liquid 9-2
3 FlyQuest 7-4
4 100 Thieves 6-5
5 Dignitas 5-6
5 Evil Geniuses 5-6
5 Golden Guardians 5-6
8 Immortals 4-7
9 Counter Logic Gaming 3-8
10 TSM 2-9


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