LCS 2022 Spring Week 4 schedule and betting odds

The fourth week of LCS 2022 Spring is coming with FlyQuest and Team Liquid leading the league with their great performance. However, sensational news has overshadowed the competition in the league. Cloud9 has fired their head coach LS, Evil Geniuses can’t play as well as they did at the Lock In and TSM have already started to disappoint their fans.

While FLY and TL lead the LCS with 5-1, CLG and TSM are stuck at the bottom with 1-5 currently. Evil Geniuses impressed everyone when they played finals at Lock In, but they are having problems and are out of the playoffs zone right now. Dignitas’ form dropped after a couple of poor performances, and losing LS didn’t affect Cloud9 well. Get the details for week 3 and schedule for week 4 below.

LCS 2022 Spring Week 3 recap

The third week at LCS started with a great performance from 100 Thieves against Golden Guardians, and although they aren’t currently the leaders, they definitely are one of the championship contenders. TSM found their first win against Immortals with a Smite Lulu top, and Tactical’s 9-1-2 Jinx really helped. Team Liquid destroyed Evil Geniuses in 28 minutes with a 8-0-2 Veigar performance from Bjergsen.

Following that, FlyQuest pulled Dignitas back to Earth with an almost flawless performance, although it took them 39 minutes to end the game. CLG defeated Cloud9 that had just fired LS on the last match of the day, led by Palafox’s great Ryze play and found their first win as well.

Evil Geniuses and Immortals started the second day, and Immortals put up one of their best performances this year to defeat EG. Following that, FlyQuest established themselves as a competitor for the championship by defeating 100 Thieves in 44 minutes. Cloud9 managed to defeat TSM with Max Waldo as their coach, Golden Guardians found a much-needed win against Dignitas, and Team Liquid bested CLG in 29 minutes with a 15-10 score.

LCS 2022 Spring Week 4 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule for the next week below:

Friday, 25 February
Dignitas (2.35) vs Cloud9 (1.55) - 23:30 CET

Saturday, 26 February
Team Liquid (1.22) vs Golden Guardians (3.80) - 00:30 CET
TSM (3.60) vs 100 Thieves (1.25) - 01:30 CET
Immortals (1.65) vs CLG (2.10) - 02:30 CET
Evil Geniuses (1.55) vs FlyQuest (2.30) - 03:30 CET
Team Liquid (1.26) vs Dignitas (3.50) - 22:30 CET
TSM (1.75) vs CLG (1.98) - 23:30 CET

Sunday, 27 February
Cloud9 (1.92) vs 100 Thieves (1.80) - 00:30 CET
Immortals (2.15) vs FlyQuest (1.62) - 01:30 CET
Golden Guardians (2.50) vs Evil Geniuses (1.48) - 02:30 CET
FlyQuest vs Cloud9 - 21:30 CET
Evil Geniuses vs CLG - 22:30 CET
TSM vs Team Liquid - 23:30 CET

Monday, 28 February
Immortals vs CLG - 00:30 CET
Dignitas vs 100 Thieves - 01:30 CET

The following week at the LCS is a super week, so you won’t be bored this weekend. Dignitas will face Cloud9 to start the week, and while DIG’s form is declining, C9 has lost their head coach and after a week to prepare, it’s hard to determine how they would perform this weekend. TSM and EG are taking on huge challenges this weekend, playing against favourites, 100 Thieves and FlyQuest. Although there is room for upset, both series look one-sided.

TSM will play CLG the following day in a fight between the last place teams. FlyQuest will face Cloud9, and they would want to win here to widen the gap between them and the rest of the league. TSM has yet another tough challenge against Team Liquid, and the week will end with Dignitas playing against 100 Thieves, the underperforming champions. After a great start, DIG couldn’t keep the streak going, and a win against 100 would definitely help.

LCS 2022 Spring standings

Before you move on to the matches, check out the standings below:

Placements Team Score
1 FlyQuest 5-1
1 Team Liquid 5-1
3 100 Thieves 4-2
3 Cloud9 4-2
5 Dignitas 3-3
5 Golden Guardians 3-3
7 Evil Geniuses 2-4
7 Immortals 2-4
9 CLG 1-5
9 TSM 1-5


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