LCS 2022 Spring Week 3 schedule and betting odds

A 5-way tie at the top defines LCS 2022 Spring. It’s one of the most competitive seasons in the last few years. Coming into the third week, TSM has already started to crack, while championship contenders will slowly start to play against each other. Before the start of the new week, let’s remember what happened and have a look at the third week’s matches.

North America has five championship contenders right now: last year’s champion 100 Thieves, the old titan with a new roster, Cloud9, wildcards Dignitas & FlyQuest and Team Liquid. In the first four matches, Evil Geniuses have fallen behind even though they had a nice showing at Lock In.

LCS 2022 Spring Week 2 recap

The week started with Dignitas taking their first loss against Evil Geniuses, stirring the table a little bit. However, the biggest surprise came after that: Immortals bested the defending champions 100 Thieves. The game went surprisingly close and both teams had their strong points, however, 100 just wasn’t able to bring Abbedagge’s Ryze and FBI’s Aphelios into play, resulting in enemy Jinx carrying the game for Immortals.

Team Liquid vs Cloud9 wasn’t just two teams with a great start playing against each other, it also was a war of fanatics. With a seemingly better draft, Team Liquid utilized Corki and Jinx greatly, getting them an important win. Golden Guardians defeated CLG, and TSM kept the losing streak going by not being able to perform against FlyQuest, 5-22 doesn’t look good at all.

Cloud9 started the second day by securing a win against Immortals, which was very important for them. 3-1 is a great start for a newly built team. Golden Guardians then made TSM 0-4 and finished the week 2-0, getting back to the middle of the table. Following that, 100 Thieves showed an amazing performance against Evil Geniuses: 7-1 Tryndamere and 7-1 Viktor supported by a Senna Sett duo in the bot lane and Closer’s Jarvan IV is almost undefeatable.

FlyQuest then tried to stop Team Liquid and they really did fight hard, however, it was hard to stop a fed Jayce - Corki duo, which has a pretty tanky Trundle on the frontline. Finishing the week, Dignitas handed CLG their second loss of the week, writing themselves up as one of the 3-1 leaders of the LCS.

LCS 2022 Spring Week 3 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule for the next week below:

Saturday, 19 February
Golden Guardians (2.80) vs 100 Thieves (1.38) - 22:30 CET
Immortals (1.72) vs TSM (2.00) - 23:30 CET

Sunday, 20 February
Team Liquid (1.55) vs Evil Geniuses (2.35) - 00:30 CET
FlyQuest (2.40) vs Dignitas (1.50) - 01:30 CET
CLG (5.30) vs Cloud9 (1.13) - 02:30 CET
Immortals (3.80) vs Evil Geniuses (1.22) - 21:30 CET
FlyQuest (3.10) vs 100 Thieves (1.32) - 22:30 CET
TSM (5.00) vs Cloud9 (1.13) - 23:30 CET

Monday, 21 February
Golden Guardians (2.50) vs Dignitas (1.45) - 00:30 CET
Team Liquid (1.08) vs CLG (6.60) - 01:30 CET

In the first match, Golden Guardians’ rising form will clash with the defending champions. Following that, TSM will look into finding their first win against Immortals, a rival within their ability. Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses match is the most important one of the day, the rematch of the Lock In finals. Team Liquid has the better form and shown a better performance in the regular season, making them the favourites.

FlyQuest vs Dignitas is the match of the underdogs, they weren’t expected to be here at the start of the league but we already accepted that they are a part of the title race. Both teams have a similar form and a similar strength, it’s hard to determine a winner here, although the betting odds favour Dignitas. Cloud9 should have an easy time against the 0-4 CLG, although CLG will try to find an opportunity to make a comeback.

On the second day, Evil Geniuses will face Immortals. While EG isn’t super strong, they look like they have a strong synergy between the players, while Immortals hasn’t managed that yet. 100 Thieves will face FLY as the favourite. This will be the second time FlyQuest faces a true championship contender, and they’ve lost the first one against TL.

TSM vs Cloud9 is always a treat, but given TSM’s performances this year, it sadly looks like it won’t be as fun as it used to be. Golden Guardians’ next rival on their climb will be the wildcard Dignitas. DIG proved to be one of the most well-putted teams in the league, so they should perform against GG. The last match of the day is TL vs CLG, and it’s heavily leaning towards TL, naturally. It’s the fight between Lock In champs and a 0-4 bottom team.

LCS 2022 Spring Week 3 standings

Check out the current standings of LCS before moving on to the third week below:

Placements Teams Scores
1 100 Thieves 3-1
1 Cloud9 3-1
1 Dignitas 3-1
1 FlyQuest 3-1
1 Team Liquid 3-1
6 Evil Geniuses 2-2
6 Golden Guardians 2-2
8 Immortals 1-3
9 CLG 0-4
9 TSM 0-4


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