LCS 2022 Spring Playoffs are starting

After the very last super weekend of LCS 2022 Spring, the regular season is over and the playoffs are about to start. Team Liquid and Cloud9 led the league for a while, but C9 lost their first place to TL during the last week, while 100 Thieves missed their chance altogether when they took a loss against Dignitas.

Of course, the bottom of the league also has its own story. TSM missed the playoffs for the first time in their history, and they were joined by Dignitas, CLG and Immortals. Dignitas came so close to making it, but as they weren’t able to defeat anyone from the top six except 100 Thieves, their chances were very low.

LCS 2022 Spring Regular Season is over

Check out the standings below:

Placements Teams Scores Playoffs
1 Team Liquid 14-4 Upper Bracket
2 Cloud9 13-5 Upper Bracket
3 100 Thieves 12-6 Upper Bracket
4 Evil Geniuses 9-9 Upper Bracket
5 FlyQuest 9-9 Lower Bracket
6 Golden Guardians 9-9 Lower Bracket
7 Dignitas 8-10 Out
8 CLG 6-12 Out
9 TSM 5-13 Out
10 Immortals 5-13 Out


Team Liquid started the last week with a perfect 17-3 performance against Golden Guardians. Evil Geniuses outclassed FlyQuest, Cloud9 slowly took down Dignitas, and CLG became the better one of the two bottom teams against Immortals, even though Xerxe played an amazing Viego game. 100 Thieves defeated TSM, killing their chances of playoffs.

The second day was the same. Not a single game was close. Team Liquid bested Dignitas, Golden Guardians took down Evil Geniuses. Following that, 100 Thieves dismantled Cloud9 with the FBI’s 12-0-11 Aphelios performance. TSM defeated CLG 21-8 with Huni’s signature Rumble, and Immortals surprised FlyQuest with a solid performance.

Dignitas was able to defeat 100 Thieves a second time this season, killing their chances of finishing first. EG defeated CLG’s academy roster, FlyQuest utterly outclassed Cloud9 which cost the C9 side the first place, GG easily defeated IMT and Team Liquid kicked TSM down for the last time.

Three players from Cloud9 managed to have a Player of the Week award — most of any team. Additionally, Summit won the award twice, the only player to manage that. Cloud9’s Korean top laner Summit is also the player who has the most Player of the Game awards this season.

LCS 2022 Spring Playoffs schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule below:

Saturday, April 2
Cloud9 (1.52) vs 100 Thieves (2.35) - 22:30 CET

Sunday, April 3
Team Liquid (1.25) vs Evil Geniuses (3.60) - 21:30 CET

Cloud9 and Team Liquid looked like they were the favourites for the playoffs, but a challenger joined them; 100 Thieves. When they lost the first place, C9 lost the chance of dodging 100 in the first round, while TL had a rather easier opponent in Evil Geniuses.

These three teams are significantly better than the rest in the playoffs. Even if they fall to the lower bracket, they have better chances of winning it all. Loser of TL vs EG and C9 vs 100 will face either GG or FLY, and while EG should be on the same level with these teams, TL, C9 and 100 likely will be the trio to make it to semifinals and the grand final eventually.

You can find the full playoffs bracket below, image courtesy of LCS:

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