LCS 2022 Spring Playoffs are over

Shocking ending at the LCS 2022 Spring Grand Final: Evil Geniuses are the champions! Following in the steps of G2 Esports, EG took down Cloud9, Team Liquid and finally, 100 Thieves to make the upset happen as they will now be representing North America at MSI 2022. With Danny and jojopyun playing amazing in the playoffs, the team repeated their Lock In success with a better result.

Although it was an unexpected result, NA fans love to see such an underdog reach the championship in LCS, with two incredibly young players with huge potential. They will now head to MSI 2022 to represent NA and taste their first international experience in South Korea. Let’s have a look at the story of the finals, Evil Geniuses and then you can find out for yourself if they can repeat such a feat at MSI.

Evil Geniuses defeats TL and 100

EG’s first challenge was Team Liquid this weekend. However, considering they defeated Cloud9 with a similar situation to TL earlier, EG’s chances were higher. We didn’t expect such a great performance though. The first game was a close one, but it all went to hell for Team Liquid after a Baron steal as well as a pentakill from Danny, which affected the outcome of the series.

Following that, EG found a much better result in the second game where they gave jojopyun Yasuo and Inspired Diana. Danny once again popped off with Jinx, taking down TL’s Ashe - Zyra bot lane. Danny deserved to get the “Man of the Match” award after yet another incredible performance in the third game with Ezreal, leading his team to victory and to the grand final.

Facing 100 Thieves would be a tougher challenge for EG’s roster. Cloud9 and Team Liquid rebuilt their roster but 100 Thieves had a solid roster which gradually improved its performance throughout the season. EG needed to play perfectly here, and they did. In each role, EG’s players managed to outperform their counterparts, especially Inspired outclassing Closer was decisive for the outcome of this series as the latter really was the main weapon of 100 Thieves for more than a year now.

Getting Jinx on his hands, Danny was once again the main carry of EG side. jojopyun neutralized Abbedagge’s TF with Ryze, and EG took the victory in 31 minutes with a 13-4 score. We were used to seeing such victories from 100 Thieves' side, but a team lacking experience, such as EG, securing such a confident win was amazing to watch for NA fans.

Evil Geniuses didn’t plan on taking a step back or taking things slowly: their plan was to take down 100 Thieves in their own way of playing the game. It took 24 minutes for EG to win the second game 13-2, and 25 minutes to win the third with 17-8. No one could believe it, including 100 Thieves players themselves, but it was over in just over an hour: Evil Geniuses were the champions.

EG’s roster consists of an experienced old top laner, a superstar jungler with high skill, two young prodigies in the mid lane and ADC and yet another experienced player in support, known for his high skills and high buyout price. This balanced roster is led by Peter Dun, a coach known for bringing the potential out of his players. They were the perfect match and seeing them achieve something is beautiful for the future of LoL esports in NA.

Stats from LCS 2022 Spring Playoffs

During the playoffs, 29 games were played and the champions with 100% presence were Zeri and Lee Sin. Ornn became the most played champion after being played 20 times, but although he had a 60% win rate, the champion with the highest win rate (played for more than three times) was Jinx, 80% in 10 games.

Inspired and Danny really stood out during the playoffs. Inspifile:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/FRO3VPNUUAAP0B9.jpgred’s KDA in 18 games was 8.4, while Danny’s is 8.04. In contrast, the best KDAs belonged to three players from Team Liquid and Inspired was ninth place with 5.41. Inspired also played 9 different champions, but the player who had the most wide champion pool was his top laner Impact with 11 different champions.

According to Esports Charts, the most watched game of the season was 100 Thieves vs Evil Geniuses grand final, peaking 387,072, which also marks the peak of LCS 2022 Spring. The streams averaged 123,411 viewers, and take into account that the playoffs were played in the LCS Studio and NRG Stadium, with the latter’s capacity being 72,220 people.

Image via Riot Games

Evil Geniuses won a deserved championship after a 9-0 series. With some exciting NA talent in their roster, they surely attract attention from North American viewers. If you are interested in LCS, make sure to check out Luckbox to find more events, watch them live and bet on your favourite teams.