LCL 2022 Spring Week 3 schedule and betting odds

We are approaching the third week at LCL 2022 Spring, and while it is still too early, some teams are flexing their muscles already. Unicorns of Love took their first loss, getting surpassed by One Breathe Gaming and Team Spirit. Let’s find out what happened in the second week, and then have a look at the schedule of the third week.

Two of the teams still couldn’t find a win at LCL this season, CTRL PLAY and Vega Squadron. CrowCrowd and Dragon Army found their first victory in the second week, and Black Star Gaming sits on 3-1 together with UOL. Find more details below.

LCL 2022 Spring Week 2 recap

LCL’s first day started with two teams looking for their first win: CTRL PLAY vs Dragon Army. DA won the game to find themselves in a better spot. Black Star Gaming then defeated Vega Squadron using a 10-2-4 Jinx. Team Spirit kept their good form going by emerging victorious against CrowCrowd.

The last game of the day was a very important one, and an impressive match. Unicorns of Love had the upper hand during this 40 minutes long game, using their Smite Karma. However, when they struggled to end the game, One Breath Gaming managed to get ahead in gold, and finally won the match, although the score was 5-8.

The second day started with Team Spirit vs Vega Squadron. It was closer than expected, but it still took Spirit 27 minutes to destroy VS. Unicorns destroyed the winless CTRL PLAY and CrowCrowd found their first win against Dragon Army. The second most important match of the week was then played between One Breath Gaming and Black Star Gaming. OBG’s Jayce - Viego top side duo proved to be too strong for BSG, winning the game for their team.

LCL 2022 Spring Week 3 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule for the next week of LCL below:

Saturday, 26 February
Vega Squadron (1.62) vs CTRL PLAY (2.15) - 14.00 CET
Unicorns of Love (1.13) vs Dragon Army (5.00) - 15.00 CET
One Breath Gaming (1.25) vs CrowCrowd (3.60) - 16.00 CET
Team Spirit (1.32) vs Black Star Gaming (3.00) - 17.00 CET

Sunday, 27 February
Vega Squadron (2.00) vs CrowCrowd (1.70) - 14.00 CET
CTRL PLAY (4.50) vs Black Star Gaming (1.15) - 15.00 CET
One Breath Gaming (1.30) vs Dragon Army (3.20) - 16.00 CET
Unicorns of Love (1.90) vs Team Spirit (1.80) - 17.00 CET

There are some good matches which are important for both the top and the bottom of the league this week. Vega Squadron will face CTRL PLAY, where both teams are looking for their first win. Following that, UOL and OBG are facing weaker opponents, although these two aren’t the most perfect teams of LCL and there is a chance of upset for the underdogs.

Team Spirit vs Black Star Gaming is the first big challenge of Spirit this week, they will face the 4-0 team that share the number one spot currently. On the second day, their opponent will be UOL, last year’s champions. If Spirit survives week 3, we might have a championship contender.

The other games of the second day seem similar to the first day. Vega Squadron will face a team that is close to their level, CrowCrowd. BSG will take on CTRL PLAY, and OBG will face Dragon Army. They should be showing their best side, as CTRL PLAY and Dragon Army are close to the relegation zone and could put everything they have on the table.

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