LCL 2022 Spring Week 2 schedule

CIS League of Legends competition LCL 2022 Spring has started last week and the league is strangely split into two pieces: the winners and the losers. Four teams started 2-0 and the remaining four started 0-2, creating a rare view in terms of standings. Let’s find out what happened last week together.

Black Star Gaming, One Breath Gaming, Team Spirit and Unicorns of Love were the winners of Week 1. If you are a stranger to the CIS scene or you just missed the last few months and want to find out about these teams, read our article to know more about the LCL 2022 Spring.

LCL 2022 Spring Week 1 recap

LCL is an eight-team league with not many games played in one week. On the first day, last year’s champion Unicorns of Love opened up the stage against CrowCrowd, defeating them without much struggle. UOL made use of a jungle Ivern and was used as a laner (roaming support) in other leagues earlier.

Team Spirit, the other hyped team of the LCL defeated CTRL PLAY with an amazing game, utilizing their strong points such as the Caitlyn - Lux duo very well in the bot lane. One Breath Gaming destroyed Vega Squadron in 32 minutes, with a score of 21-8. On the last game of the day, Black Star Gaming bested Dragon Army in the closest game of the day, ending in 33 minutes with 15-13 score. Balkane’s 6-15 Xin Zhao wasn’t enough to stop Kenal’s 6-1-5 Jinx and Get Lost’s 4-1-8 Ryze.

The second day started with CTRL PLAY vs One Breath Gaming. Keeping their momentum from the first day going, OBG claimed the win with Kreox’s 2-2-14 Viego gameplay that helped their strong laners, Camille, Viktor and Jinx, scale. Unicorns secured a much more decisive win against Vega Squadron in the next game, using another Ivern that ended up 0-0-14, peeling their 11-2-4 Aphelios greatly.

Team Spirit was the first team to play Zeri in the LCL, and that proved to be a mistake for their opponent Dragon Army as it was in any league. Getting both Corki and Zeri from the blue side in the same game should be a big negative for Dragon Army’s draft strategies. Spirit won it 14-1, with Corki being 5-0 and Zeri being 6-0. Black Star was the second team to defeat CrowCrowd on the last game of the week, a 17-5 win in 28 minutes, not just utilizing a jungle Taliyah, a rare occurrence, but also making Senna-Sion bot lane work.

LCL 2022 Spring Week 2 schedule

Check out the schedule for the week 2 below:

Saturday, 19 February
Dragon Army (1.60) vs CTRL PLAY (2.20) - 14:00 CET
Vega Squadron (4.00) vs Black Star Gaming (1.22) - 15:00 CET
Team Spirit (1.10) vs CrowCrowd (5.80) - 16:00 CET
Unicorns of Love (1.45) vs One Breath Gaming (2.60) - 17:00 CET

Sunday, 20 February
Team Spirit (1.17) vs Vega Squadron (4.50) - 14:00 CET
Unicorns of Love (1.13) vs CTRL PLAY (5.00) - 15:00 CET
Dragon Army (1.72) vs CrowCrowd (2.00) - 16:00 CET
One Breath Gaming (2.50) vs Black Star Gaming (1.48) - 17:00 CET

Obviously, the games between 2-0 teams will be very interesting to watch in the second week. The first three games on Saturday are between 2-0 and 0-2 teams, with Unicorns of Love and One Breath Gaming attracting attention. UOL is one of the favourites, and they should play like one against a team that started the first week well.

A similar matchup will be played between One Breath Gaming and Black Star Gaming on the last game of the second day. While it is hard to determine a favourite, One Breath’s gameplay and strategies fit the current meta more than Black Star’s and should have the upper hand.

The other six games will be the winless teams trying to find wins and secure a better place in the playoffs race. If they can manage to steal one from the 2-0 teams, not only will they catch up to the top of the race, but they will also kill the momentum, and shake up the confidence of the players.

LCL 2022 Spring Week 2 standings

Before you head on to LCL games, check out the standings below:

Placements Teams Scores
1 Black Star Gaming 2-0
1 One Breath Gaming 2-0
1 Team Spirit 2-0
1 Unicorns of Love 2-0
5 CrowCrowd 0-2
5 Dragon Army 0-2
5 Vega Squadron 0-2


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