LCK referees receive suspensions following side selection error

Two LCK assistant referees have received 10-game suspensions by the KeSPA referee committee, after an error that took place during the February 5 match between BRION and KT Rolster.

LCK referees suspended after BRION vs KT Rolster side selection error

The error in question concerned BRION's side selection sheet, which was incorrectly handled by an assistant referee. Side selection can make a crucial difference in a team's strategy, with the choice to start on the red or blue side often affecting the players' efficiency.

Under the LCK's rules, teams are required to submit their side selections on a spreadsheet managed by the league three days before the match is due to begin. An LCK assistant referee then updates the spreadsheet for the away team to see and double-checks that the information is correct.

This process broke down during the BRION vs KT Rolster match, however. According to the LCK, the assistant in charge accidentally entered KT Rolster's side selection for a different match into the spreadsheet, a mistake that was missed due to the person in charge of double-checking the spreadsheet having "other work that day."

While BRION spotted the error and alerted staff, the management team were not informed and thus the mistake was not fixed in time for the match, forcing BRION to make a "quick decision."

The mistake didn't impact BRION too harshly, however, with the team emerging victorious through a 2-0 victory over KT Rolster.

As a result of the error, two LCK assistant referees have received 10-game suspensions and will have to attend training to avoid further mistakes.

Additionally, the LCK has made changes to its side selection policy - two referees will now be in charge of handling side selections, which was previously handled by just one referee. Additionally, side selections will now be emailed to both teams ahead of the match, to sort out any potential errors ahead of time.

"We'd like to take this opportunity to apologize once again to BRION and BRION fans," said the LCK in a statement. "We will thoroughly check key information delivered to each team and prevent the same problem from happening again."

The LCK Spring Season began on January 18 and will run until March 19 - and hopefully without any further errors! You can see the full upcoming LCK match schedule right here, and be sure to claim your free 100% bonus before jumping into the action!