LCK 2022 Spring Week 9 schedule and betting odds

The ninth and last week of LCK 2022 Spring Regular season is coming, with T1 trying to find the first perfect season ever and others looking to lock themselves in for the playoffs. After breaking the most wins in a row record against Kwangdong Freecs last week, T1 is looking to better it and finish the season 18-0.

Aside from T1, Gen.G secured a top two finish and will start from the semifinals at playoffs. DRX and DWG KIA also secured their playoff spots. With Nongshim RedForce, Liiv SANDBOX and Hanwha Life Esports out of playoffs contention, the remaining two spots will be shared among Fredit BRION, KT Rolster and Kwangdong Freecs.

LCK 2022 Spring Week 8 recap

Although the LCK started amazingly, as weeks passed and teams had Covid-19 cases that prevented them from fielding their full roster, the level of competition started to fall down. LCK management was criticized for not being able to find a solution to these unfortunate events, the most recent one being Fredit BRION. They had to swap all of their players because of Covid-19 cases in the team, and in Week 9, they weren’t even able to field a team, thus forfeiting one of their games.

The week started with DRX defeating Nongshim RedForce with a plan which favours their strong bot lane. Deft even played a Vayne in the second game. Following that, Gen.G played DWG KIA without their superstar Chovy, with young Ophelia taking his place. Although it ended 2-1, Ruler managed to play flawlessly in all three games, taking his team to victory in Chovy’s absence.

KT Rolster defeated Hanwha Life 2-0 the following day, throwing them out of playoff contention. During their last game with their original roster, Fredit BRION also showed a great performance against Liiv SANDBOX, finishing both games significantly fast.

T1 clashed with Kwangdong Freecs to secure the record, and although KDF showed some resistance, they were simply outclassed. Even during the second game where KDF won, with FATE being 9-0-8 and Teddy being 4-1-8, T1 were able to find answers and good teamfights. DWG KIA stomped NS after that, kicking them out of the playoffs.

Saturday was a fast and a bit disappointing day. KT Rolster easily disintegrated Liiv SANDBOX in two games and found themselves in a better position for the playoffs. Gen.G then crushed Hanwha Life in the first game with 12-2 in 29 minutes. Although HLE tried to resist in the second game and managed to steal 43 minutes from GEN, it wasn’t enough to stop Chovy’s 13-3-10 Vex.

Fredit BRION had to change all of their roster against T1, which resulted in a 2-0 loss that took less than 40 minutes in total for T1. Although T1 is a very good team and one of the best in the world right now, their opponents missing players definitely affected their credibility, especially for people who haven’t watched their games. Those who do, know how good T1 is, but fans still need to wait for playoffs before they can start trash talking.

A great series between Kwangdong Freecs and DRX finished the week on a good note. After a 14-0 victory in the first game, KDF looked like they would take this series home easily. However, DRX were able to come back on the shoulders of Deft in the second game, and Zeka’s Vex finished it off in the third one.

LCK 2022 Spring Week 9 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule for the next week below:

Wednesday, 16 March
Nongshim RedForce (2.25) vs KT Rolster (1.58) - 09:00 CET
Gen.G vs Fredit BRION - BRO had to forfeit

Thursday, 17 March
DRX (2.35) vs DWG KIA (1.52) - 09:00 CET
Kwangdong Freecs (1.38) vs Hanwha Life Esports (2.80) - 12:00 CET

Friday, 18 March
T1 (1.06) vs Liiv SANDBOX (7.00) - 09:00 CET
KT Rolster (3.00) vs Gen.G (1.35) - 12:00 CET

Saturday, 19 March
NS RedForce (1.48) vs Hanwha Life (2.50) - 09:00 CET
Fredit BRION vs DWG KIA - 12:00 CET

Sunday, 20 March
Kwangdong Freecs (1.35) vs Liiv SANDBOX (3.00) - 09.00 CET
T1 (1.26) vs DRX (3.50) - 12:00 CET

As mentioned earlier, Fredit BRION had to forfeit their match against Gen.G because of the Covid-19 cases in the team. Although it would have been hard for them to win anyways, they are currently fighting for playoffs and find themselves in an unfortunate situation. DRX will fight DWG KIA on Thursday, with the winner probably claiming the third place. Both teams have had similar forms and performances recently, and it’s going to be a close one.

Fredit BRION is having a hard time and their last match being against DWG KIA although with a full roster definitely makes KT and KDF more hungry for blood. KT will look at their GEN match as another chance of upset. On the other hand, KDF has a very weak schedule this week, they need to prove themselves and have a 2-0 week here.

T1 will face DRX at the end of the week, fighting to break another record and finish the regular season 18-0. On the other hand, DRX will fight to strengthen their position as the third place. LCK 2022 Spring’s regular season will be over after that series, and it’s ending with a great one surely.

Check out the standings below before you move on to the next week:

Image via LCK

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