LCK 2022 Spring Week 6 schedule and betting odds

LCK 2022 Spring is still dominated by T1 with their 10-0 streak and no one seems to be able to stop the old titans of South Korea. Faker is closer than ever to winning a tournament in his homeland for the first time in his career, as rumours say MSI will be held in South Korea. Also, the first phase is over at LCK as of week 5, and we are now getting close to the end of it.

On other notes, Kwangdong Freecs had a 2-0 week that helped them get back in the playoffs race, and they currently sit in sixth place. DRX’s winning streak was stopped by Hanwha Life, and although they have two losses, Gen.G keeps following T1 closely after a 2-0 week. Find the details below.

LCK 2022 Spring Week 5 recap

The fifth week started with Liiv SANDBOX vs Fredit BRION. After a tight series, LSB found a very valuable 2-1 win for them, as it helped them stay close to the playoffs. Moving on to the second match, Gen.G destroyed Nongshim RedForce, with a 2-0 score that left no chance for NS to come back.

The underperformers of the year in LCK, KDF, found their third win on the second day, defeating Hanwha Life 2-0. Although the start of their streak was because of a team having Covid-19 cases, it helped KDF to get themselves together. DRX then defeated DWG KIA 2-1 and claimed the third place, although it wouldn’t last long.

On the third day, the championship contenders stomped their opponents. T1 defeated KT 2-0, and Gen.G defeated Liiv SANDBOX 2-0 as well. Hanwha Life stomped DRX with another 2-0 on Saturday which was a major upset for the latter. Answering everything DRX picked in the draft and tried to accomplish in Rift with a very confident gameplay, HLE deserved the win.

Kwangdong Freecs finished the week 2-0, defeating Fredit BRION 2-1. On Sunday, DRX defeated KT Rolster 2-1, and in the last game of the day and the week, Nongshim RedForce managed to steal one game from T1, but were eventually outclassed by the leader.

LCK 2022 Spring Week 6 schedule and betting odds

Check out the schedule for the sixth week below:

Wednesday, 23 February
KT Rolster (1.68) vs Kwangdong Freecs (2.05) - 09:00 CET
T1 (1.42) vs DWG KIA (2.70) - 12:00 CET

Thursday, 24 February
Fredit BRION (2.80) vs DRX (1.38) - 09:00 CET
Liiv SANDBOX vs Hanwha Life Esports - 12:00 CET

Friday, 25 February
Gen.G vs Nongshim RedForce - 09:00 CET
Kwangdong Freecs (3.10) vs DWG KIA (1.32) - 12:00 CET

Saturday, 26 February
KT Rolster vs Fredit BRION - 09:00 CET
Hanwha Life Esports vs T1 - 12:00 CET

Sunday, 27 February
DRX vs Gen.G - 09:00 CET
Liiv SANDBOX vs Nongshim RedForce - 12:00 CET

This week, both championship contenders will be challenged by a very strong team. Third place DWG KIA will try to upset T1 on Wednesday, and the other third place DRX will face Gen.G on Sunday. On both of these, T1 and Gen.G are the favourites, but their rivals have what it takes to pull the upset surely.

T1 will also face Hanwha Life this week, and as HLE managed to crush some surprising names this year, you should keep an eye out for that. Gen.G also has a second strong rival in week six in Nongshim RedForce as they are a very strong team that could inflict much damage if they prepare well and are having a good day.

Additionally, the rising Kwangdong Freecs will face DWG KIA this week, but that match could prove to be strong for their current form.

LCK 2022 Spring current standings

Check out the standings at LCK before you leave, image courtesy of LCK:

If you are a fan of LCK, there are many good matchups this week, you shouldn’t miss any of them. Watch the games and if you have your favourite, place your bets on Luckbox.