LCK 2022 Spring Season is over after a 20-0 run from T1

One of the most historic LCK seasons is finally over, and after their undefeated run which lasted all season long, T1 are crowned champion. They were 18-0 during the regular season, a record that could never be broken again, only repeated. To prove their strength to anyone that doubted them, T1 went on to defeat both their opponents in the playoffs, and became the first team in the world to qualify for MSI 2022.

Aside from T1’s incredible run and their half-rookie roster managing to outclass the whole of LCK under Faker’s leadership, LCK 2022 Spring was overall a treat to watch. The level of competition was high, even though it was shadowed by Covid-19 cases every now and the . After a few years, LCK finally competes with LPL in terms of overall quality, instead of being presented as a one-team region.

LCK 2022 Spring Regular Season

The league phase or the regular season went undeniably in favor of T1, all season long Except for Kwangdong Freecs, who had a poor form at the start, all nine teams were in the race for making the playoffs, with T1 and Gen.G obviously standing tall as the championship contenders.

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However, the Covid-19 cases hit the teams hard. Gen.G wasn’t able to field a full roster against T1 both their matches, and their third loss came against kt Rolster while they had their full team, interestingly enough. Through this unwanted situation, Kwangdong Freecs and Fredit BRION managed to rise with their good rosters. The only thing they needed was a little push, and they found it through the victories against these teams suffering from Covid-19.

Obviously, having a look at their roster, Nongshim RedForce disappointed their fans. There is no reason for them not to come back stronger next season though. When it comes to disappointing fans, kt Rolster is the master of that art for sure. They were able to improve their form and fight for the playoffs in the end but they failed to defeat Gen.G a second time, handing out their place to Fredit BRION which defeated DWG KIA later that week.

DWG KIA and DRX were one of the talking points of LCK 2022 Spring also. After changing their bot lane and losing the retired Khan this year, DK was able to show a strong presence thanks to their superstar jungler Canyon, who also got the Player of the Split award. DRX on the other hand made their fans proud after a few lousy splits in a row since Keria’s departure. Deft and BeryL proved that they are still ready for a fight, helping Pyosik out.

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Let’s have a look at the individual awards, now that we talked about it. After accumulating 1600 points (16 matches) in Player of the Game awards, Canyon became the Player of the Split. However, the Most Valuable Player award went to Keria, who’s considered as one of the best support and players in the history of League of Legends esports. He will have MSI 2022, LCK 2022 Summer and Worlds 2022 to prove that he is.

LCK All Pro Team consisted of four T1 players: the rookie Zeus, Faker, Gumayusi and Keria, joined by DWG KIA’s monster performer Canyon. The second team was kt Rascal, T1 Oner, GEN Chovy, GEN Ruler and DRX BeryL. The final All Pro Team consisted of KDF Kiin, GEN Peanut, DK ShowMaker, DRX Deft and GEN Lehends.

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Having a look at the stats from the regular season, we see that the best KDA of a regularly playing player is Chovy’s 7.08. He is followed by two of his teammates, Ruler and Peanut. The players who played a lot of different champions were Keria, ShowMaker and Kiin, all at 16 champions.

Although Twisted Fate has the most presence with 196 times contested, Lee Sin and Jinx are the most played champions with 114 times. Both champions have a win rate of exactly 50%, while the best win rate for a champion that was played more than ten times is Diana, 66.7% in 15 games.

LCK 2022 Spring Playoffs and Grand Final

We talked about the prior playoffs games, you can check our articles below.

In short, Kwangdong Freecs surprised DRX with their strong performance, however, their strength wasn’t enough to stop T1, and they went home after a 3-0 defeat. Gen.G on the other hand struggled to take down DWG KIA, but after a comeback in the fifth game, they were able to secure their ticket to the grand finals.

T1 started the grand finals with a usual draft. They had Gumayusi and Keria on a strong dominating bot lane duo, Caitlyn - Lux, they gave Ryze to Faker, Nocturne which has the engagement mechanics that the team needed to Oner and Camille to Zeus. Although Gen.G put up a fight, it was a confident victory from T1.

However, both teams drew their weapons for the next game. Doran picked Akali, and showed a dirty gameplay, it wasn’t perfect but he was strong and finished 10-8-8. He also managed to outplay Zeus down to his level. Chovy and Peanut easily outclassed Oner and Faker, with Chovy playing an 8-1-6 Ahri. T1 made sure he would never get his hands on Ahri for the remainder of the series.

After the tie, we were expecting what T1 would do. Of course they dropped some games during the best of threes in the regular season, but they lost a chaotic one against their arch-rival in the grand final. They were stronger than expected.

The next game went 15-3, with Faker playing a 0-0-8 Ahri, Gumayusi on 6-0-2 Jinx and Oner on 6-1-5 Viego. The difference between Zeus and Doran started to show when Doran left his team 4v5 essentially, while Zeus with his monster Jayce was the cannon for T1 to dissolve the enemy and get any objective they wanted.

T1 utterly destroyed Gen.G in the fourth game. Chovy and Ruler still stayed strong, but Oner never let Peanut come back in the game, the experienced jungler of Gen.G was 0-8-1 on Lee Sin in the end. Doran’s Akshan was another weak point for GEN, you could easily say he was so tilted that he started to act recklessly, and Gen.G lost the series in their minds before T1 actually brought down the nexus.

In the Playoffs MVP standings, Oner, Chovy and Deokdam were tied on 300 points. Oner took the Spring Finals MVP award, the last award in LCK 2022 Spring Playoffs.

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LCK 2022 Spring Playoffs stats

In the playoffs, the teams kept on giving priority to the same champions overall. The most contested champions were Lee Sin, Ryze, Twisted Fate, Caitlyn and Zeri, all 20 times. The most played champion, Xayah, was played 14 times, however, she had 42.9% win rate. Lee Sin was picked 12 times with a 58.3% win rate. The best win rate was Ahri with 100% in 6 games. Jayce was also impressive as he was picked ten times and won seven of those games.

Looking at the player stats from the spring playoffs, T1 stands out this time. Gumayusi, Faker and Oner each played 7 times, and they have KDA records of 11.29, 8.25 and 8.1 respectively, the best three records. Of course it’s normal, since they played seven games and won six of them. KDF’s mid laner FATE and Gen.G’s top laner Doran picked 7 different champions throughout the playoffs, putting them on top of that list.

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T1 will try to keep their incredible run going in MSI 2022. The remaining teams will wait for LCK 2022 Summer to start to show what they’re made of and make Worlds 2022. If you are interested, you can watch these games and place your bets on your favourites on Luckbox.