LCK 2022 Spring Season is beginning this week

Korea’s major League of Legends competition and one of the best leagues in the world, LCK is about to start. After getting dominated by DAMWON Gaming for the last two years, the league seems to be more balanced, and it’s going to be a great clash between the competitors for sure.

Although they were on the run for the last year too, T1 and Gen.G looked much stronger, while DWG KIA (DAMWON Gaming) went through a rebuilding phase for 2022. If there was a chance of overthrowing DK, it is now. Surely, LCK teams will seize this opportunity, while DK tries to defend their throne with three additions.

LCK teams changed

Naturally, I have my favourites for the upcoming season’s championship race. We have T1, Gen.G and DWG KIA as the three main horses for LCK 2022 Spring. They will be followed by Kwangdong Freecs, NS RedForce, Fredit BRION and KT Rolster. If you would like to see more detailed comments about the main three teams, visit our articles: T1, Gen.G, DWG KIA. I will briefly introduce the teams below.

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Gen.G brought Chovy, LCK’s undisputed best mid laner in 2021. Chovy finally has a great team around him with Doran, Peanut, Ruler and Lehends. These impressive players will be coached by Score, KT Rolster and LCK’s legendary ex-player.

T1 kept their team mainly for 2022, only Canna left for NS RedForce. T1 replaced him with SoloQ prodigy Zeus, keeping the tradition of bringing in young players. Getting to the finals in Summer, making semifinals at Worlds and DWG KIA having a weaker roster means that T1 might get their hands on that long-awaited championship that they couldn’t win since 2020.

DWG KIA brought in 2021’s surprising team NS RedForce’s bot lane, replacing Ghost and BeryL, and Hoya and Burdol, replacing retiree Khan. They are still strong with Canyon and ShowMaker, but they definitely have weak spots that could be used by strong competitors like GEN or T1.

Kwandong Freecs added Ellim and Teddy to Kiin, NS took Canna, Bdd, Ghost and Effort from their opponents, Fredit BRION has the potential to surprise and KT Rolster will be led by Rascal, Cuzz and coming from Japanese league LJL, Aria. Although they don’t stand much chance, they have what it takes to upset big guns.

LCK 2022 Spring starts

The league will start on January 12, 2022. Games will be played five days a week, as there is Asian Games qualifiers this year. Find out the official schedule from LCK below. They used KST, Korean Standard Time, which is 8 hours ahead of Central European Time, CET. So, the first game of the day will be played at 09:00 and the second at 12:00.

The first few games are already available on Luckbox. T1 will take on Kwangdong Freecs, where T1 has 1.32 and KDF (formerly Afreeca Freecs) has 3.10 betting odds. Shows the difference between the teams.

The second day also has games with distinct teams, NS (1.12) vs HLE (5.50) and DK (1.25) and KT (3.60).

The first game in the week between strong teams is DK vs GEN on January 16, where DWG KIA has 1.80 and Gen.G has 1.90 betting odds. Although they are close, both teams need time to perfect their games, thus, the betting odds show that DK’s coaching staff is more trusted to perfectly execute such a phase.

If you are a fan of LCK and League of Legends, or just interested in seeing the best teams play this incredible game, visit Luckbox to watch the games and place your bets.