Last day of the group stage at The International 11

Most of The International 11's group stage is complete. With the end of the first three days, the rankings of the teams were more or less determined.

Today we will take a look at the results of the third day and the matches to be played on the fourth day.

Day 3 Stream A results

  • Evil Geniuses 2 -0 BetBoom Team
  • Team Secret 1 - 1 Team Spirit
  • Team Liquid 2 - 0 OG
  • Team Secret 2 - 0 Entity
  • Team Liquid 2 - 0 BOOM Esports

Team Liquid's 2-0 victory over OG can be considered one of the surprising results. Both teams are close to each other, but I thought OG would win the match. Other encounters generally ended as expected.

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Day 3 Stream B results

  • OG 1 - 1 Hokori
  • beastcoast 2- 0 Talon Esports
  • PSG.LGD 2 - 0 BOOM Esports
  • Fnatic 0 - 2 Talon Esports
  • Evil Geniuses 2 - 0 Royal Never Give Up

OG is progressing very interestingly. They couldn't win against Hokori either and they are far below expectations this year.

Another result that surprised me was Talon Esports beating Fnatic. My favourite was Fnatic.

Evil Geniuses is doing great at this year's The International.

Day 3 Stream C results

  • Soniqs 2 - 0 BOOM Esports
  • TSM 1 - 1 Entity
  • Soniqs 1 - 1 BetBoom Team
  • Team Spirit 0 - 2 Tundra Esports
  • PSG.LGD 1 - 1 Gaimin Gladiators

I didn't think Soniqs could beat BOOM Esports. This was a surprising result for me.

I also predicted that Entity, which has been showing an incredible rise lately, would also win against TSM, but it did not happen.

Tundra Esports, on the other hand, proved its strength by beating the last The International champion.

It was also admirable that Gaimin Gladiators, seen as one of the weakest teams, drew against the biggest favourite of the tournament.

Day 3 Stream D results

  • Team Liquid 1 - 1 Gaimin Gladiators
  • Fnatic 2 - 0 Team Aster
  • Evil Geniuses 2 - 0 Gaimin Gladiators
  • beastcoast 2 - 0 TSM
  • OG 1 -1 BetBoom Team

Gaimin Gladiators frankly performs above my expectations. However, as the results of these performances are draws, they are not at the top of the group rankings. I was also surprised that Fnatic beat Team Aster.

Also, OG drew with BetBoom Team. We used to see OG as one of the biggest favourites of the tournament, but they don't look like that at all. This is not the OG we know.

Day 3 Stream E results

  • PSG.LGD 2 - 0 Royal Never Give Up
  • Thunder Awaken 1 - 1 Tundra Esports
  • Royal Never Give Up 0 - 2 Hokori
  • Team Aster 1 - 1 Thunder Awaken
  • Soniqs 0 - 2 Hokori

On the third day, Thunder Awaken were able to draw against two opponents who are highly likely to reach the semifinals of the tournament. They have performed very well so far.

The International 11 current group stage standings

Credit: Valve

Evil Geniuses totally dominated Group A. To be frank, I did not expect such a performance from them. Another team that performed above expectations is Hokori. They are currently holding onto the upper bracket with their draws. OG, on the other hand, have definitely disappointed their fans with their performance so far. They should make up for themselves in the playoff stage.

Competition in Group B is more intense. Tundra Esports are currently in the lead and have never been defeated. They performed quite well and I think they will finish the last day undefeated.

Thunder Awaken are also on their way to the playoffs from the upper bracket, with two wins and draws against many strong opponents. Considering that they will face beastcoast and TSM, I don't think they're aiming below the upper bracket from here on out. If they continue this performance in the playoffs as well, they can change the destiny of the tournament. They were really close to beating the last The International champion Team Spirit as well.

Things are not going well for Team Spirit. Five draws in seven matches is definitely not a performance befitting the last Aegis of the Immortal title holder. Entity, which participated in The International 11 with an upward performance, also fell short of our expectations. Currently their target is the lower bracket.

The International 11 last day matches of group stage

Day 4 Stream A (October 18)

Day 4 Stream B (October 18)

Day 4 Stream C (October 18)

Day 4 Stream D (October 18)

Day 4 Stream E (October 18)

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