Larssen: The Rogue Knight of the mid lane

While LEC Spring 2022 is going on, American esports organization Rogue has performed really well in the tournament. They occupy  1st place in the league having 12 wins and Swedish player Emil "Larssen" Larsson plays a huge role towards that.

Here is the history of Larssen and the successes he has achieved in his career.

Larssen - Early years

21 years old Swedish player Emil "Larssen" Larsson started his professional career in 2015. When he was a part of Team Refuse as a midlaner, they won the MittMedia Cup in the first place. This local tournament was his first place to shine and that’s how he transferred to the British team ManaLight in 2016.

He firstly attended ESL UK Prem. 2016 Spring Promotions with his new team. His performance helped his team make headway further in the tournament. The team joined the ESL UK Premiership 2016 Spring and won the finals successfully. Larssen proved his skills.

Credit: Riot Games

In the same year, Larssen’s road was MNM Gaming, another British esports organization. The first tournament he attended was ESL UK Prem. 2016 Summer Qualifiers and they qualified for the Summer Season.

They made it to EUCS 2017 Summer Qualifiers but the team did not qualify this time and it would be his last tournament with MNM Gaming. Diabolus Esports became his last team during his early years.

The performance that Larssen showed as a part of Diabolus Esports was amazing. Even though his team was not successful at all in those years, Larssen’s single gameplay brought him back home, to the well-known Swedish team Ninjas in Pyjamas.

NiP - Rogue

Larssen started to play as a part of Ninjas in Pyjamas in 2018. He firstly attended the European Masters Spring 2018. Ninjas in Pyjamas finished the tournament as 5 - 8th. It was followed by the Nordic Championship Summer 2018 and this time the team made it to the finals.

Lately, on NiP, he played in European Masters Summer 2018. Again, their names were in the finals but they did not win the tournament. In this short time, Larssen’s performance was noticed by American/Polish esports organization Rogue. His story as a legend of Rogue started in late 2018.

In his first tournament Ultraliga Season 1, Rogue Esports Club won the tournament and Larssen became MVP twice. Attending the European Masters Spring 2019, Larssen got a Group Stage MVP.

They also joined the LEC Summer 2019. While Rogue finished the Group Stage 5th, they succeeded to qualify to the playoffs. Larssen’s performance in groups brought him another MVP title.

Credit: Riot Games

In Loser’s Round 1, Rogue beat Splyce by 3-0 and the MVP was Larssen. Rogue finished 4th in the tournament.

It is hard to say Larssen put his 100% during LEC Spring 2020 but still managed to place 5th. When LEC Summer 2020 came, the show for Larssen was just about to start.

Unexpectedly, Rogue finished 1st in the group stage and Larssen’s participation was very high. His outstanding performance was awarded six MVP for group stages. Rogue finished the tournament as 3rd.

2021 became a perfect year for both Rogue and Larssen. The team finished LEC Spring 2021 2nd and LEC Summer 2021 3rd. Larssen, as the oldest member of Rogue, carried the team most of the time.

Lately, Larssen is on fire with his performance on LEC Spring 2022 - Group Stage. Rogue is on top with only three weeks left for the end of the league. If you are looking for a safe and easy betting place for upcoming LEC matches, Luckbox is the right place.