Lag in NAVI vs Heroic in EPL Season 16 made s1mple mad

Have you ever seen lag in a tournament held as a LAN? We saw it yesterday. One of the Round of 12 matches of ESL Pro League Season 16 was between Navi and Heroic and in the starting  rounds during the last match of the Bo3 series, NAVI players suffered lag problems a few times.

Let's take a look at the moments when NAVI had a lag problem and s1mple's reactions to what happened.

There was no problem on the first two maps

Heroic and NAVI first met on Mirage and NAVI won the round with a close 16-14 score. The second map was Inferno. This time, Heroic was the winner with a score of 16-14 and the score was even. After such great maps, all the fans were eagerly waiting for the third map. However, things didn't go so well for NAVI in the third map.

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Even in the first round of the match, all the players of NAVI had a heavy lag problem. So much so that some NAVI players couldn't even move. As a result, a mandatory tech pause was taken in the match.

The second lag problem occurred when NAVI was leading 2-0 in the match. While NAVI had three players alive, Heroic had five players. All three of NAVI's players had lag problems.

The lag that made s1mple quite angry came when the score was 3-2, just as s1mple was getting ready for the 1v2 clutch. You can watch s1mple flush red and see his reaction in the clip below.

Another lag problem occurred when the score was 4-3 in favor of NAVI. You can watch s1mple's sweet effort to rotate in the clip below. Fortunately, his teammate sdy was able to kill both opponents and s1mple just laughed afterwards.

ESL Pro League Season 16 for s1mple is progressing quite problematic

He also had legitimate complaints about the hotel that was arranged for him to stay. S1mple had a hotel room full of mold and insects, and the issue was resolved as a result of the reaction he showed on social media.

Frankly, NAVI and s1mple are going through a quite troublesome process, but they continue on their way with solid performance. They managed to eliminate Heroic and will face G2 Esports in the quarterfinals.

Let's see if a smooth tournament awaits NAVI from now on. Stay on Luckbox and let's find out the answer together.