Kunkka: The Admiral is making Waves

Kunkka, the Admiral, has been making waves in pro Dota 2 games for quite a while. Yopaj’s incredible Kunkka plays were pivotal in BOOM Esports’ victory in the DPC SEA Regional, Regional Finals as well as the Gamers Galaxy: Dubai Invitational Series 2022.

But he wasn’t the only player to effectively utilise Kunkka in pro games, as many others did too.

But why is Kunkka so highly favoured in pro games? Let’s find out.

Kunkka: Natural frontline tanker

Without the shadow of a doubt, Kunkka has been near flawless in games owing to his high base armour and strength, that makes him quite buffed up in terms of HP during the initial stages of the game.

That allows the Admiral to man-up and take in a huge amount of damage without having to break a sweat, indirectly helping him to farm his core items as early as possible and taking the advantage of staying in the lane and levelling up.

Add to that basic utility and initial core items such as Bottle, Bracelets and Armlet of Mordiggan, Kunkka basically has everything right in his inventory to prolong the misery of enemies even further, to a great extent.

Kunkka: Efficient farmer and damage dealer

Kunkka is one of the most efficient farmers, capable of farming huge waves of creeps or dealing out tons of damage, in one single hit. Yes, that’s right. Thanks to his skill that provides cleave damage.

Cleave deals an amplified bonus damage to a single unit or many enemy units and at regular intervals. The amount of damage dealt is dependent on the base damage level + the amplified damage points accrued by buying items.

For example, getting a Daedalus on Kunkka, will clear an entire creep wave or two or a squishy hero, owing to the Critical Strike proc, in a single hit.

It makes him an efficient farmer capable of consuming creep waves including the Ancient camps, and squishy heroes.

Kunkka: Initiator and team-fight enabler

Kunkka skills are second to none, as all of them can be used to either set-up aggressive fights or fall back during stressful situations.

Perfect landing of Torrent can give Kunkka a huge advantage as the skill not only deals damage but also disables momentarily. Enemies affected by torrent are rendered useless for a short duration.

Keep in mind though, the torrent needs to land perfectly and requires high anticipation and judgement skills. Torrent can affect a single enemy unit as well as hordes of enemies in a particular radius.

Kunkka’s “X Mark” can also be effectively utilised to bring back an opponent or an ally to a predetermined position, after a short gap duration. It is highly effective to set up Torrents and Ghost Ship, that needs to be timed perfectly, to deal the maximum amount of damage.

Ghost Ship is Kunkka’s ultimate that calls forth a gigantic ship in a radius, dealing a lot of damage, simultaneously providing buffs to allies and damage to enemy units caught under it. The triple combo of Torrent, Cleave and Ghost Ship is extremely lethal and can eviscerate enemies in a matter of seconds.

Kunkka: Conclusion

Kunkka’s high win rate combined with complimenting Talent Tree stats has been making waves, and once mastered, can help you gain a tremendous amount of MMR and climb you up the ladder.