KeSPA Cup live streams, schedules and predictions

Viewers' guide to the League of Legends KeSPA Cup, including live streams, schedules, standings and predictions

The latest iteration of the KeSPA Cup sees 20 of the best South Korean LoL teams battle it out from December 23rd 2019 to January 5th 2020.

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KeSPA Cup live streams

Live streams for all KeSPA Cup matches are at the Luckbox League of Legends matches page, with a choice of broadcast languages, match stats and latest betting odds. Find all the KeSPA Cup live streams here.


The KeSPA Cup takes place from December 23rd 2019 to January 5th 2020, with the playoff stage starting on Monday, December 30th. Semifinals are on January 3rd and 4th, with the final no Sunday, January 5th.

The KeSPA Cup final will take place at 7am CET on Sunday, January 5th.

January 5th

7am CET: KeSPA Cup final - SANDBOX Gaming vs Afreeca Freecs

KeSPA Cup final result: Afreeca Freecs 3-0 SANDBOX Gaming

January 4th

7am CET: Semifinal - Afreeca Freecs vs DragonX

January 3rd

9am CET: Semifinal - SKT T1 vs SANDBOX Gaming

December 30th

12pm CET: Hanwha Life Esports vs Afreeca Freecs live stream

December 31st

9am CET: SK Telecom T1 vs Gen.G live stream

12pm CET DAMWON GAMING vs DragonX live stream

KeSPA Cup predictions

Our resident LoL betting tipster Boukev has shared his KeSPA Cup predictions for two of the playoff matches. If you're inspired by Boukev, create your account now and start with $5 to make your picks at Luckbox.


SK Telecom TV vs Gen.G

Both SKT T1 and Gen.G are absolute titans of the Korean LoL scene and this match should be a special look into their possibilities for next year.

SKT T1 and Gen.G made a swap in players with Clid from SKT going to Gen.G and Roach going to SKT T1 from Gen.G. We have seen Gen.G perform adequately in the two matches for the Elimination and Qualifying rounds of the KeSPA Cup so far but haven't seen SKT play yet due to their direct bye to the playoffs.

It will be interesting to see if SKT T1 can perform as good as they have in the past including the effectiveness of their new coach Kim. Odds currently favor Gen.G, while not much is known about SKT T1's form and cohesion as a team in this new setup. This also means you can get 2.6x odds on betting on the honeymoon stage of a new T1 roster while they still have the power of Faker in their back pocket.

On the other hand we could see another repeat of the Kespa Cup 2018 where SKT T1's new 2019 roster got knocked out by DAMWON gaming. Your call.

Boukev's best bet: SKT T1 to win vs Gen.G at 2.6x - bet now


The bot laner Deft is the only remaining player from the original Kingzone Dragon X team after their rename to DragonX for the 2020 season. DragonX are now starting with Chovy and Doran (former substitute) from Griffin giving them a very young team with an average age of just 19, with only Deft being 23 years of age.

While this new roster had no trouble beating low ranked teams Spear gaming and Chungnam in the Elimination and Qualifying rounds DAMWON gaming should be a whole different type of mountain to climb.

DAMWON have not had any roster changes for 2020 and wants to continue their upward momentum as a team. Last year showed DAMWON have the skills to play with the top teams in the world so hopefully they can keep that momentum in 2020. I for one am betting on the steady roster of DAMWON to beat the new DragonX.

Boukev's best bet: DAMWON gaming to win vs DragonX at 1.4x - bet now