KeSPA Cup 2021: Schedule and betting odds

KeSPA Cup 2021 kicks off in Ulsan on December 10. The 16 teams taking part will compete for a prize pool of ₩20,000,000 ($17,000).

The grand final of KeSPA Cup 2021 will be played on December 12 at 11:00 CET. An exciting competition awaits us in the tournament, which also includes familiar teams.

KeSPA Cup 2021 matches

HLE Challengers - KT Rolster Challengers (December 10 - 08:00 CET)
DRX Challengers - West Point Esports (December 10 - 08:00 CET)
SANDBOX Challengers - DKJ (December 10 - 08:00 CET)
DWG Challengers - Hungkuang Falcon (December 10 - 08:00 CET)
NS RedForce Challengers - Shadow Battlica (December 10 - 08:00 CET)
Brion Esports Challengers - LNG Academy (December 10 - 08:00 CET)
Gen.G Challengers - Shadow EK (December 10 - 08:00 CET)
Afreeca Freecs Challengers - Weibo Gaming Youth (December 10 - 08:00 CET)

Looking at the matches, we can say that LNG Academy, HLE Challengers, Gen.G Challengers and SANDBOX Challengers are among the strongest competitors. Still, the KeSPA Cup 2021 is a tournament that can have surprising results. The quarterfinals of the tournament will also be played on December 10. The semifinals are on December 11. Finally we will be able to watch the grand finals on December 12.

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