Karmine Corp wins European Masters third time in a row

The 2022 Spring edition of Amazon European Masters is over and the champion is once again the French powerhouse Karmine Corp. Even though they lost LFL and had to make their way through play-in, Karmine Corp managed to show up at the grand finals and win the trophy, taking it away from the LFL champions LDLC OL.

France keeps on dominating the European regional LoL esports scene, three out of the four quarter-finalists were French teams this year, and the remaining team was AGO ROGUE from Poland, demolished by LDLC OL in the semi-finals. Karmine Corp and Rekkles got to be the best below the LEC, let’s have a look at their journey.

Coming to EU Masters

Finishing in top two during LFL regular season meant Karmine Corp were guaranteed a spot at EU Masters, but because they were eliminated early in the playoffs, they had to go through the pain of play-in. Playing against enemies well below their level, KC easily made it to the main event and become a part of this amazing competition.

Karmine Corp’s rivals were NLC champion X7 Esports, Prime League champion GamerLegion and Greek champion Team Phantasma. Leaving GamerLegion and Team Phantasma behind, KC and X7 finished the group 5-1, leading to a tiebreaker between the two for the first place.

Becoming the first place was very valuable, as both LDLC OL and Vitality.Bee finished their group on top, meaning that you could dodge them simply by topping your own group. For this important job, KC put three people on carry duty: Cabochard with Lucian, SAKEN with Ahri and Rekkles with Xayah, and they came through, leading to a 34-17 victory in 42 minutes.

EU Masters Knockout Stage

The next target was the grand finals and the next opponent was UOL Sexy Edition. Coming in from Prime League, UOL were the only team that could make it to the knockout stage from their region. All four quarter-finals series were one-sided at EU Masters and KC-UOL was no different, although UOL were the only team that could steal a win.

UOL won a very close first match against KC, which took 49 minutes. Top laner iBo was 8-11-9 while the enemy jungler 113 was 2-10-21 in the end. However, the 113-SAKEN duo managed to increase their effect on the map the next three games, overwhelming the enemy jungler and getting Rekkles ahead, bringing them the 3-1 victory.

Next stop was Vitality.Bee. Following an amazing performance from Skeanz and Jeskla, helped by Szygenda’s Akali in the second game, VITB managed to take a 2-0 lead in the series and the social media was already blown, the king was taken down. However, KC had different plans.

First, a 34 minute-long victory thanks to the 113-SAKEN duo taking the matter in their hands and helped by Rekkles ensured KC to stay in the series. Following that, the team found a rapid win with another Volibear pick from 113, taking it to the fifth game. Vitality.Bee was able to endure KC’s power moves longer this time, but Cabochard’s 9-1-7 Renekton and Rekkles’ 8-1-8 Miss Fortune looked almost unstoppable, taking KC to the finals.

The grand final: Karmine Corp vs LDLC OL

The EU Masters Grand Final was the rematch of the game that decided the fate of LFL. Following a 3-0 defeat over AGO ROGUE and considering their performances, LDLC OL should have been the favourite here, but the most passionate EU Masters followers knew that if Karmine Corp was participating in the finals, you can’t underestimate them.

LDLC OL started well with a classic draft of theirs: tank top lane, off-tank jungler with the engage skills, a mage in the mid lane, a hypercarry for the bot lane and an engage support. It was a quiet match but 14-10 lead was enough for LDLC OL to get the job done.

KCorp was looking for a comeback though. With Rekkles being the perfect safety net for the team with his stable performance, SAKEN and Cabochard were able to overextend and take the lead that the team needed to get back in the series. LDLC OL was considered as the team with the upper hand before the series, and after three games, they were behind 1-2.

KC didn’t let LDLC OL climb out of that dark place, even though LDLC did fight honorably. It was a close game, 18-13, but they were awfully behind in dragons and objectives overall, which led to Karmine Corp’s already fed carries being immensely ahead and bring the game to their side, winning their third title in a row.

Image via Karmine Corp

EU Masters 2022 Spring stats

In terms of draft habits, EU Masters generally followed the major leagues. Zeri and Ahri were among the champions that had the most presence, which could shed a light on what we should expect from MSI 2022. Most played champion was Jarvan IV with 35 games, followed by Ahri with 32 and Xayah with 31. The best win rate with a champion played more than ten times belongs to Renata Glasc’s 72.7% in 11 games, but Xayah’s 67.7% was also interesting, keep that in mind for MSI.

Considering player stats, best KDA belongs to AGO ROGUE’s bot laner Lucker, 9.77 in 12 games. SAKEN’s 8.13 and Rekkles’ 7.96 in 20 games followed that. The player with the widest champion pool was Cabochard, he played 10 different champions which should’ve helped his team dearly. The three players on top of that list was top laners, Ragner and Jaeger followed Cabochard after playing 9 unique champions.

According to Esports Charts, Amazon European Masters 2022 Spring’s peak viewers count was 296,359, a number which could take on many international events well above its level. 296,359 was marked during the grand final, and including that, all five games that were watched the most featured Karmine Corp.

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