Karmine Corp misses LFL 2022 Spring Playoffs Grand Final

France’s national League of Legends competition LFL is heading to the grand finals today, and the widely-known Karmine Corp is missing it. In his first season playing for a European Regional League team, Rekkles couldn’t take KC to the finals, and they will have to start from the Play-In stage at EU Masters.

The regular season first place LDLC OL defeated Karmine Corp 3-0 earlier, sending them to the semifinals. However, KC wasn’t able to secure a rematch, and Team BDS Academy will participate in the finals instead. If you missed the playoffs action or want to revisit the highlights, this is the place for you.

LFL 2022 Spring Playoffs recap

The first round went real fast: Team BDS Academy outclassed GamersOrigin side easily, they were considerably better during the regular season too. Vitality.Bee, however, defeated Misfits Premier 3-0 in a series that no one would have expected to end the way it did. Both these teams secured participation in the EU Masters after these victories.

Before the semifinals, Round 2 was played. LDLC OL faced Karmine Corp, the French end-game boss with Rekkles. Two quick defeats, followed by one slightly longer victory meant LDLC OL advanced to grand finals with 3-0.

On the other hand, Team BDS Academy fought Vitality.Bee. Two Zeri games in a row where Crownshot was the main carry for Team BDS brought the series to 2-0.

Vitality.Bee started to ban Zeri, and played League of Legends the opposite way. They let Szygenda, Skeanz and Diplex be the carry for them. Following that, Jeskla joined the trio with his Xayah, and the series was tied, Silver Scrapes started to play. A quiet fifth game (with the score being 11-3) with a very traditional team comp from Team BDS secured them the victory, and they moved on to the semifinals.

Karmine Corp started the series with a win but it was very close. Rekkles made the difference in the first game with his 12-0-3 Zeri definitely outperforming Crownshot and Xico being unable to stop Rekkles by himself. However, BDS Academy managed to strike back in a 22-20 39 minutes long game two that decided the fate of the series and tied it 1-1.

Team BDS Academy played the next game more maturely; slower and cooler. They were able to take down Karmine Corp with this plan, and even though Agresivoo died 5 times, the score was 11-6. Fourth and the last game of the series was an even better stomp for BDS.A side, where Rekkles lost a game 20-6 while he was 1-1-4.

113 and Cabochard played Viego and Gwen respectively, and they were totally outplayed by BDS players. With this result, Team BDS Academy moved on to the grand finals, while Karmine Corp has to play in EU Masters Play-In stage next week.

Grand Final: LDLC OL vs Team BDS Academy

Check out the date, start time and betting odds below:

Thursday, March 31
LDLC OL (1.72) vs Team BDS Academy (2.00) - 18:00 CET

They were the best team during the regular season, and they took down Karmine Corp 3-0 recently; LDLC OL is definitely the favourite here. The team revolves around Eika and Exakick, and all the players know what their roles are. They do what the team needs and every single player gets their job done in the perfect fashion. If you want to stop LDLC OL, you have to play perfectly as well.

On the other hand, Team BDS Academy managed to surprise Karmine Corp and hit them where they least expected. They can always repeat that, and with weapons like Agresivoo, Xico and Crownshot, their roster is not a weak one at all. They are a great match for LDLC OL, and they have what it takes to pull the upset here also.

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