Junglety: Inside the community-built CS:GO Danger Zone map

Community maps are one of the great joys of CS:GO, with many of the playgrounds players love to inhabit originally born in the minds of enthusiastic amateurs.

Some of them went on to become game or map designers, and you’ll have heard of the likes of FMPOne for example, and to this day the great tradition of CS:GO map-making continues, much to the benefit of the scene.

As you may also know, CSGO itself is evolving, and the addition of a battle royale mode may have been one of the most significant changes the game has seen, alongside going free to play. BR is a different flavour to the classic 5v5 of the game, and with it have come a new wave of players and fans, some of who dream of making their own CS battle royale maps.


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Now, we have one of, if not the earliest effort from the community at making a fully realised BR map, and you can explore it today. Junglety, made by michal2310 on Steam, is (you guessed it) a jungle-themed map you can now go for a trot on. There are a few teething problems, but it shows massive potential, and brings a new aesthetic to the game mode as well.

A Far Cry from Cache…

In a game that tends to enjoy greys and sand colours, Junglety stands out for the palette choices made by the makers, with a colour scheme that is reminiscent of the Far Cry game series in places.


How it plays out if more users decide to venture out is something only time will tell, but there is a feeling in the CS:GO community that more maps for the BR game mode are a good thing, as opposed to games that choose to simply evolve the existing playing area, like global phenomenon Fortnite.


With CS not needing BR to act as a competitive game mode, there is plenty of room for creation, and hopefully we see more BR maps delivered by Valve and the community in the coming months. More outlandish ideas are on the table due to the fact competition is the main focus, although there are plenty of examples of the theoretically competitive Fortnite game adding crazy, broken items to their ‘esport’, so the rules for BR might not be the same as other games.


Hopefully michal2310 can fix the teething issues and we can see a bit more from Junglety, as it has a lot of potential and adds a new feel to the BR map pool at least. With such a wide range of themes and options available, we’d love to know what you would like to see for the next BR map in CS too, so let us know in the comments what you think would be most interesting, competitive or just plain fun.