“İyi Geceler” New agent of VALORANT: Fade

One of the greatest things about VALORANT is the representatives of different nationalities and how their culture and language are reflected in the game. Hearing their speeches in their own language doubles the pleasure of VALORANT.

The Turkish agent Fade is about to join VALORANT. The official channel of VALORANT has released a series of videos about her skills, speeches and a short film featuring other agents in the game.


The short film starts with a scene from İstanbul, Turkey. We see our agents Cypher, Neon, Chamber, Breach, KAY/O and Sova trying to save her, but some strange things happen to them. At the end, Fade says, "I have seen your darkest fears. Mine would eat them alive!" Then the screen goes dark and all we hear is the sound of gunfire.

This short film gives us an idea of what her personality and role in the VALORANT lure might be like. As far as we can see, she has the ability to deal with nightmares, shadows and other dark things. If you listen to her speeches in the game, it becomes more clear from what she says to the other agents.

In this video, Fade uses some phrases from her native language Turkish, such as "Hadi" (Let us go), "Sakin" (Stay calm) or "Boş yapmayın" (Stop blaspheming). Apart from these phrases, her friendship with Viper and Omen is also evident.


VALORANT has also released a video on Fade's gameplay. From this video and other information, it is possible to understand her abilities.


Equip a nightmarish creature. Fire to throw the orb, which crashes on the ground after a certain time. When the orb hits the ground, it transforms into a nightmarish creature that reveals the location of enemies in its line of sight. Enemies can destroy this entity. Use the ability to drop the projectile at the beginning of the flight again.


Equip a ball of nightmare ink. Fire to throw the bullet, which falls to the ground after a certain time. On impact with the ground, the ink explodes and forms a zone from which enemies trapped inside cannot escape by normal means. Use the ability again to drop the projectile at the beginning of the flight.


Equip a Prowler. When you fire the Prowler, it flies in a straight line. The Prowler will lock on to any enemies or tracks in its frontal cone of vision and track them, targeting them at close range once it reaches them. Hold down the fire button to direct the Prowler in the direction of your crosshairs.


Equip the power of fear. The fire sends out a wave of nightmare energy that can penetrate walls. The energy leaves a mark on the opponent, disintegrating as well as deafening it.

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