It’s still alive: How to play Minesweeper in 2022

A sensation from the 1990s, although its origins go way back to the 1960s, Minesweeper has been a part of our lives for a long time now. While Windows had abandoned it since Windows 8, whether they downloaded it as an app from Microsoft Store or somewhere on the internet, fanatics of this game couldn’t get over it.

While it looks complicated the first time, Minesweeper’s logic is simple: the numbers show how many mines there are around it. It also includes some guessing and luck of course. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t played Minesweeper before, if you are a self-proclaimed pro or a beginner, you should take a look at these options and give them a try.

Which Minesweeper version to play?

Let’s start with the Google version. You can find it by typing Minesweeper on Google search. However, besides using it to impress your friends and loved ones with your Minesweeper skills, I don’t recommend it. Too many visual effects mean you will get distracted easily.

Microsoft has a Minesweeper version in the Microsoft Store. It doesn’t appeal to many Minesweeper players, not only because it is a modern version of the game with changes in the classic looks, but because of many options for the most tryhard players. It does have an Adventure mode that could be fun for some, you should try it out.

Let’s get to the good stuff: Minesweeper Arbiter is the most popular version in 2022. It keeps your highscores as videos automatically, you can put your name and flag on it easily, there are detailed statistics and you can add your custom statistics. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Arbiter is the one for you.

Minesweeper X is the alternative version for the fanatics, it is the most accurate clone to the original Microsoft Minesweeper. Just like Arbiter, it keeps your high scores as videos and provides most of the stuff that Arbiter does. Viennasweeper is another clone which also captures videos for you, and it is the official version used for Minesweeper tournaments.

Home of Minesweeper fanatics:

Where can you find these games? Where can you find basic information about Minesweeper and highscores of other people, even rankings? is your place. A very old Minesweeper forum, it is one of the sites that keeps the Minesweeper community alive. You can find Arbiter and X through there.

When you play your games with Arbiter and X, you can also try to submit your high scores on While the world ranking is crowded, maybe you can make it into your country’s ranking first, and aim for the speedrun later. Don’t lose your hope, Minesweeper is all about playing again and again, trying harder.

Rankings, trying hard, getting high scores: 2022’s Minesweeper community almost sounds like an esports community. If that interests you, you should definitely check out esports games. If you want to watch the games, and esports betting interests you, you can do both of them on Luckbox.