It's play-in time in BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2022

The group stage of BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022 witnessed many interesting encounters. The spectacular matches captivated the audience.

Today we will take a look at what happened in the group stage and the possible outcomes of the play-ins.

Group A concluded with a magnificent grand final

Overall results in Group A were as we expected. We can say that the prediction article we wrote for Group A was mostly correct.

The defeat of Astralis against Ninjas in Pyjamas in the upper bracket round 1 match was not an expected loss, but they beat OG in the lower bracket and then Ninjas in Pyjamas, whom they met again, and advanced to the grand final.

Vitality, on the other hand, reached the grand final by eliminating Ninjas in Pyjamas in the upper bracket final.

The splendid match between Team Vitality and Astralis in the grand final went to overtime. Astralis finished first in Group A by winning overtime 19-17. It was also surprising that the team with the fewest votes in the poll we shared on Twitter finished first in the group.

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One of the bombshells of BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2022 was that instead of s1mple, headtr1ck from NAVI Junior was featured on NAVI's roster. Already in the group's opening match, NAVI's fans began to worry when NAVI was defeated by Complexity.

They also had a hard time beating G2 Esports in lower bracket round 1. Later, they faced Complexity again in the lower bracket final and defeated them 16-3, almost as if they were taking vengeance for the first match. Thus, they advanced to the grand final.

It was one of the most interesting results for G2 Esports to finish last in the group. Despite Complexity doing their best, they lost to Team Liquid in the upper bracket final and NAVI in the lower bracket final, placing third.

The grand final was pretty one-sided. Losing their first game against Complexity, NAVI's game almost evolved as the matches progressed and they defeated Team Liquid 16-4 in the grand final. You can also find our predictions about Group B here. At least we knew the first place, right? Another surprise is that G2 Esports, who came first in the poll we posted on Twitter, finished last in the group.

A Heroic grand final in Group C

In Group C, EG finished last in the group as expected. Our other prediction was for BIG to finish in third place. They finished third, losing to Heroic in the lower bracket final.

As we predicted, in the upper bracket final, FaZe Clan defeated Heroic 16-10 and as a result of the lower bracket final, the two teams were paired again in the grand final. This time, contrary to our expectations, Heroic prevailed against FaZe Clan and became the winner of Group C with a score of 16-10. In the poll we shared on Twitter for Group C, the winner was FaZe Clan, but in reality it was different.

BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2022 play-in stage matches

The teams took their places in the finals, semifinals and quarterfinals according to their performances. Let's take a look at the quarterfinal matches to be played on August 25.

Although Complexity has had interesting results in the Fall Groups so far, they are seen as one of the weakest teams of the tournament. OG hasn't been performing well lately, however it seems more likely that they will win against Complexity.

Here is the match that is expected to be the most exciting among the first matches of the play-in stage. While G2 Esports may seem one step ahead, BIG certainly has a good roster that cannot be underestimated.

Ninjas in Pyjamas will have no trouble making it to the semifinals. Their opponents are Evil Geniuses, one of the weaker teams of the tournament.

If our predictions are correct, how does the play-in stage progress?

If our predictions were correct, we would see FaZe Clan vs. OG in the semifinals, which would probably be an easy win for FaZe Clan.

If Team Vitality were to face G2 Esports, Team Vitality would be the favourite, by a small margin.

In the final match of the semifinals, Ninjas in Pyjamas, which we predict will win against Evil Geniuses, will be the favorite against Team Liquid as well.

FaZe Clan would have been much more likely to win the finals match against Astralis. We are guessing NAVI would have passed the Vitality barrier, although they had some problems in the absence of s1mple. Finally, Ninjas in Pajamas and Heroic would meet. We think Ninjas in Pyjamas have come a long way and would most likely win the finals, making their name in the Fall Finals.

The excitement will reach its peak with the play-in stage in Fall Groups 2022. Don't forget to follow this excitement on Luckbox.