Item sets of pros and impacts on their gameplay at Worlds 2022

As Worlds 2022 continues, let's take a look at how the pro players utilize the best champions so far. While many champions are played this year, some of them dominated the meta, and we have seen some of the champions being highly viable in some conditions.

For example, Aatrox has been dominating the Worlds 2022 meta since the play-ins. However, do you know how to play Aatrox to unleash its full potential? Let's see how the professional players decided to use these champions and get the most out of their kits.


Image via Riot Games

Aatrox is definitely the number one champion in the current meta, you can play him in SoloQ as well due to the state of the game with Grievous Wounds having less effect now. He is also a great pick for Worlds 2022, considering he has no counter-picks right now.

The main thing to consider while playing Aatrox is the first item, the mythic. Eclipse and Goredrinker are the two possible choices for Aatrox, and we have seen pro players picking one or the other. While Goredrinker is a good choice with sustain and cooldown reduction, the recent changes on Eclipse makes it the perfect choice for Aatrox, and you can definitely see the difference if you watch an Eclipse Aatrox at Worlds.

The rest of the build is simple: get cooldown reduction and build off-tank. Death's Dance, Serylda's Grudge, Black Cleaver, Guardian Angel, Malmortius and in some situations, tank items like Thornmail or Spirit Visage work quite well with the champion.


While Sivir was considered out of the meta before Worlds 2022 started, Asian teams found the perfect use of the champion: a carrier of Yuumi. Especially Gumayusi played Sivir perfectly in the group stage of Worlds 2022, and we will probably see more Sivir - Yuumi duos in the following games.

Kraken Slayer is a no-brainer for Sivir, you can use the extra true damage with your impressive attack speed and W. Sivir usually goes for Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge, followed by defensive items like Bloodthirster and Guardian Angel or armour penetration like Lord Domink's Regards. Don't forget that Gumayusi used Press The Attack to win the lane, but you can also pick Lethal Tempo.

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Image via Riot Games

Maokai has been picked in three roles so far in Worlds 2022: top lane, jungler and support. He is one of the most present champions so far, and his main usage is as a tank in all three of his roles. Let's see what the pro players got out of him as a tank.

Maokai players like Wunder and Breathe mostly went for Sunfire Aegis as the mythic item, although Frostfire Gauntlet is also acceptable. From then on, according to your enemy picks, you can either go for strong armour items like Frozen Heart and Thornmail or get some magic resistance from Spirit Visage or Force of Nature. Keep in mind that Maokai has no problems with HP or sustain, so you need to get statistics instead of flat health bonuses.


Sylas is one of the great choices in the mid lane at Worlds 2022, and he is a perfect choice if you want to climb the ranked ladder in League of Legends SoloQ. As the final champion in our list, let's see how pro players got him back in the meta with their itemizations.

Just like many other players in Worlds 2022, knight also went for Everfrost as his first and mythic item. Everfrost offers a significant amount of ability power, cooldown reduction, health and mana, all the things Sylas can wish for. Plus, it's active helps Sylas keep their enemies in place and use his combo more effectively.

As knight did, pro players mostly go for Zhonya's Hourglass second, followed by heavy AP and magic penetration items like Shadowflame, Rabadon's Deathcap and situational items like Morellonomicon. With this build, Sylas becomes unstoppable as the game progresses.