It is time for Week 4 in DPC NA Tour 2

The first three weeks of DPC NA are over. The rivalry between Evil Geniuses, TSM and Quincy Crew is growing.

What happened in the third week, the schedule and betting odds of the fourth week are in our article.

DPC North America Week 3 results

  • The Cut 0 - 2 TSM
  • 4 Zoomers 1 - 2 Wildcard Gaming
  • simply TOOBASED 0 - 2 Team DogChamp
  • Evil Geniuses 2 - 0 4 Zoomers
  • TSM 2 - 0 Wildcard Gaming

We can say that the results of the third week actually created a block between the teams, as the top three teams and the others. While the rivalry between Evil Geniuses, TSM and Quincy Crew is in full swing, other teams are currently competing mostly among themselves.

DPC North America Week 4 matches

Quincy Crew will face The Cut in their fourth match. They need to win this match, where they will face a relatively easy opponent to maintain their claim to first place.

The team closest to the strongest trio, 4 Zoomers, will face one of the first-place contenders, TSM. TSM will try not to give any chance to their competitors.

  • Wildcard Gaming - Team DogChamp (April 7 - 00:00 CEST)

Both teams have only won one match so far. Although Wildcard Gaming is expected to prevail in this match, it is a match open to surprises.

  • Evil Geniuses - Quincy Crew (April 9 - 21:00 CEST)

The most competitive match of the week will be between Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew. On one hand, Evil Geniuses have won four of their matches so far, and on the other hand, the Quincy Crew have won all three of their matches.  Even though Evil Geniuses is the favourite by a small margin, this match should not be missed.

  • The Cut - simply TOOBASED (April 10 - 00:00 CEST)

Simply TOOBASED has yet to win a single match. Do you think they will be able to get their first win against The Cut?

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