Into the Breach announces its new roster

British organisation Into the Breach has announced its all-new CS:GO roster, after it parted ways with its previous lineup back on December 10, 2022.

Into the Breach 2023 roster

Into the Breach has found itself with almost an entirely new roster, after it cut ties with its previous team due to a series of disappointing results towards the end of 2022 - which includes a 9th - 16th placement at CCT North Europe Series 2 and 17th - 20th at European Development Championship Season 6.

The team is almost entirely made up of fresh faces, with Cai "CYPHER" Watson being the only returning player from the previous Into the Breach lineup.

Cypher will be joined by fellow British players Thomas "Thomas" Utting and Sebastian "volt" Malos. The three British teammates will be joined by Polish player Karol "rallen" Radowicz, the Dutch Joey "CRUC1AL" Steusel and Portugese coach Gustavo "Juve" Alexandre.

Returning Into the Breach player Cypher has been with the team since June 2021 - with just a brief hiatus since he was temporarily let go after the British organisation dropped its former roster in December 2022. Prior to joining Into the Breach, Cypher has played for the likes of CeX and RADIX.

Thomas meanwhile has also previously played for Into the Breach, albeit as a stand-in player from March to June 2022. Prior to joining his new team, Thomas was most recently with cowana Gaming, and has prior experience with the likes of Endpoint and Team Envy - though he has struggled to find a permanent home with any one team.

Similar to Thomas, rallen has also found himself drifting from team to team, without spending any significant amount of time with any of them. He was most recently playing for Monte, but also has spent time with the likes of Anonymo Esports, AGO and ARCY.

Fellow British player volt has experience at the likes of Fnatic Rising and UMX Gaming, while CRUC1AL joins Into the Breach from Endpoint's bench after having spent two years with the team.

"We are more than happy to announce that we are finally back in the UK CS:GO Scene, even though it took a bit longer than expected, with a new but also experienced lineup," csaid Into the Breach CS:GO Manager, Marvin "Punico" Matthes. "It is our goal to win as many domestic but also international tournaments as possible to bring UK CS:GO to the Top."

Into the Breach is refreshing its roster as it gets ready to join the 2023 CS:GO season - which has already been a rollercoaster ride. With the 2023 BLAST Premier Spring Groups already behind us, we are currently being treated to the spectacle of IEM Katowice 2023, running from February 1 to 12.

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