Karrigan comments on his future post-Paris Major: "I'm not going anywhere"

Legendary player Finn "karrigan" Andersen has spoken out about his future in CS:GO, after his team FaZe Clan was eliminated from the BLAST.tv Paris Major.

BLAST.tv Paris Major: Heroic vs FaZe Clan results

At 33 years old, karrigan is one of the oldest stars in CS:GO right now, with many former players having transitioned into coaching (or retired altogether) once they reached a similar age.

This has led some fans to speculate that, with CS:GO's time in the esports spotlight coming to an end, karrigan may take the opportunity to retire as a professional player.

The ongoing BLAST.tv Paris Major will be the last CS:GO Major, before Counter-Strike 2 releases later this year. And FaZe Clan have now been eliminated from this month's tournament, having suffered a 2-1 loss to Heroic in the Quarterfinals of the Champions Stage.

If karrigan was considering retirement, now would be the time to announce it. But it seems that his 15-year-long career is set to continue for some time yet. While he wasn't directly asked about retirement plans, karrigan spoke out about his Counter-Strike 2 ambitions in a post-match interview with James Banks.

"Obviously I want to be one of the few players in the world that won tier-one trophies in three different games," said karrigan. "So I'm not going anywhere. The plan is to re-sign and grind a lot for the next Major.”

BLASTPremier - karrigan reveals plans for the future
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The player's long career dates back before even CS:GO, having made his start in 2008 playing Counter-Strike 1.6 for a variety of teams, from Volt-Gaming to Fnatic. These days he's much better known for his success in CS:GO, particularly with FaZe Clan - with whom he was recently awarded with the Intel Grand Slam, following their victory at ESL Pro League Season 17.

He's not the only member of FaZe Clan to have shot down retirement rumours, with Håvard "rain" Nygaard also recently denying that he has any plans to leave the Counter-Strike scene.

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