IHC Esports parts ways with sk0R

Mongolian team IHC Esports has parted ways with Tengis "sk0R" Batjargal, with sk0r revealing that the move is not his decision.

"Not my decision" - IHC Esports drops Tengis "sk0R" Batjargal

IHC Esports announced sk0r's departure from the team via Twitter, but did not go into details regarding the decision, instead opting to just thank him for his time on the team.

sk0r himself meanwhile shared the news via his personal Instagram account, stating that: "It was full of good memories and experience but never imagined to end up like this. Leaving is not my decision btw. Goodluck fellas."

It's something of an unexpected time for IHC to be making changes to its roster, given that it has recently shot into the spotlight through an incredible Cinderella story at the recent IEM Katowice. The team was able to defy the odds time and time again to earn a 9th - 12th placement, eliminating the likes of FURIA Esports and Cloud9 from the tournament.

And while their performance at ESL Pro League Season 17 wasn't nearly as impressive with a ranking of 21st - 28th place, IHC have also just qualified for IEM Rio 2023, following their first place result at the Asian Qualifier. The tournament is due to take place from April 17-23, and it seems that IHC will be competing without one of the team members that helped carry them to unexpected successfirst-placeice.

With sk0r's departure, IHC Esports' lineup now consists of Garidmagnai "bLitz" Byambasuren, Sodbayar "Techno4K" Munkhbold, Baatarkhuu "Bart4k" Batbold, Bat-Enkh "kabal" Batbayar, Bat-Enkh "kabal" Batbayar, Tuvshintugs "ANNIHILATION" Nyamdorj and coach Erdenedalai "maaRaa" Bayanbat.

The team hasn't made any comments about their plans for the roster. kabal has been on the sidelines of the team ever since he took paternal leave earlier this year, with Bart4k taking his spot on the line-up. It remains to be seen who will be filling sk0r's now-empty spot.

Whatever their roster looks like, IHC Esports is due to participate in IEM Rio 2023, taking place from April 17-23. You'll be able to follow along with every match at that Major right here on Luckbox - just click here to see the upcoming match schedule, and remember to sign up to claim your free 100% bonus!