IEM Sydney: Day two predictions, live streams and betting odds

IEM Sydney 2019 has begun, and day one was a stonker. Without Astralis, the field is wider open than David De Gea's legs in a crucial Premier League match, and it's fair to say some of the favourites have also thrown doubt into their own equations. We've picked out the games we like on day two for your viewing pleasure, so join us for our Daily IEM Syndey predictions and previews, and let us know what you think in the comments.

You'll find the IEM Sydney 2019 schedule and live streams on our matches page and let’s run down who we’re looking forward to watching tomorrow, with coldzera, JW and the one and only Dick Stacey still very much in the running.

FaZe v NRG - live stream and odds

There was a lot of chat about FaZe before this event started, mainly due to their win at the most recent Blast Pro Series, but unfortunately they were somewhat derailed by visa issues, as is normal in esports these days. Both NiKo and Adren were held back in Europe, with the latter having since received his visa, but not the former.

Without their star and leader FaZe were still able to make it through day one, thanks in part to stand-in USTILO, and will presumably move one of the stand-ins out of the team, although which one isn’t clear. In terms of getting back to their plan, you’d think Ynk could stay, but USTILO played very well on day one and could be a real factor vs an inconsistent NRG.

Fnatic v MIBR - live stream and odds

The battle of the old gods sees some of the greatest Sweden has ever produced up against what was the best team in Brazil for a long, long time. Sadly for their fans and investors, MIBR went to pot almost at exactly the same time as they became MIBR, after leaving SK Gaming, and have never got close to the levels they once hit since, suggesting there is something broken in the five-man unit.

As for Fnatic, they are like a happy old couple that has accepted their place in the world, which is a shame for young Brollan and his undoubted potential. If the new star of Swedish CS goes we might see a real contest, and for MIBR it’s a case of the same, but in this case hoping FalleN and coldzera remember what it’s like to be a god. This has classic written all over it.

Mousesports v Renegades - live stream and odds

The hype around the new Mousesports team has been building for a while, aided in no small part by karrigan’s fan club among the ranks of the pundits we have in CSGO, but alas day one did not go their way. Losing to a BIG side that had to play with a stand-in, having tried and failed to bring smooya back for the absent XANTARES is not a good look, and a loss to Renegades will see them back on the plane quicker than you can say ‘should have kept suNny’.

There is also a perception that karrigan has to win soon due to the analysts insisting he’s only a short term leader, but the best at that. However, this is a project for Mousesports, as you can see from the age of their team, and we don’t expect any reaction if they fail at the first LAN they’ve attended with this new team, something that is more than likely against as a good a side as Renegades.


BIG v MVP - live stream and odds

This game doesn’t look that interesting on paper, but it’s the future of Korean CSGO we’re seeing unfold right now. After long careers, solo and glow decided to hang up the mouse and live the quiet life, and MVP are attending their first event without the pair of legends for a very long time indeed. BIG are going to feel ok after day one, but got smashed by a Liquid that isn’t in top form, and need to come out with a strong performance for their own sake as much as anyone else’s if they want to be considered a threat.

IEM Sydney 2019 podcast

With day one done, Tim Masters and Dr Waldo share their eary impressions of the action in Australia.

Image: Sarah Cooper/ESL