IEM Road to Rio 2022: APAC RMR aftermath

IEM Road to Rio 2022 Asia-Pacific Regional Major Rankings is over, and two teams managed to make it to the Major. After surviving the double-elimination bracket, IHC Esports and Grayhound Gaming managed to secure a spot at the tournament that will be held in Brazil.

APAC isn't the strongest region in CS:GO, but the between the teams at APAC RMR was still interesting. IHC Esports won Asian Qualifier, Grayhound Gaming won Oceanic Qualifier, Rare Atom won Chinese Qualifier and JiJieHao International won the Middle Eastern Qualifier to be a part of this final RMR.

IHC Esports didn't lose a map

Headed to the stage as a full-Mongolian roster, IHC Esports started perfectly and managed to make it to the Major after winning both their games 2-0.  Their first rival was Middle Eastern Qualifier winners JJH International, and although Ancient was close (16-14), they dominated Nuke 16-4 to make it to the grand final.

There, IHC faced Grayhound Gaming from Oceania. After an 11-4 start on Inferno, IHC secured the advantage with a 16-12 victory. Mirage was closer with two 9-6 halves, but IHC Esports easily won the overtime to finish the map 19-16 and take the first spot. This won't be their first Major: they also participated in PGL Major Antwerp 2022 as the first Mongolian team in a CS:GO Major.

IHC Esports' road to APAC Qualifier wasn't too hard either. In Asian Qualifier, two of their enemies had full-Mongolian rosters and one with three Mongolians. IHC managed to defeat The MongolZ and Team NKT 2-0 to get to the grand final, where they would face Team NKT again.

Mongolia proved their domination in Asian CS:GO with eight Mongolian players in the grand final. IHC Esports dropped their first map of the tournament on Inferno, but managed to win both Dust II and Overpass 16-14, securing their place at the final RMR in Melbourne.

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Grayhound Gaming will represent Oceania

While IHC Esports is headed to their second Major, Grayhound Gaming also found a ticket to Rio and a chance to represent their region. After defeating Rare Atom 2-1, GhG played against IHC Esports but lost and had to play an extra game to fight for the Major ticket.

Grayhound Gaming's rivals were JJH Int., who defeated Rare Atom in the earlier round in a back-and-forth series. JJH's strength wasn't enough to stop Grayhound's form, as the Australians found a 16-11 win on Ancient and 16-12 on Inferno to make it to the last Major of the year.

Grayhound also had an easy run in their own region, with Encore ESC being the only team to take a map from them. After a 2-1 victory, Grayhound stomped DGG Esports and made it to the grand final against Encore ESC again. Encore won the first map, Vertigo, 16-8 but Grayhound struck back with 16-8 on Mirage and 16-7 on Nuke.

IHC Esports' first Major run wasn't too disappointing, they were 0-3 but managed to make Sprout struggle. Grayhound's roster last played in IEM Cologne, where they ended up last in their group. They obviously don't have a huge chance to pull an upset, but even an unexpected win will be an incredible story for their fans.