IEM Road to Rio 2022: American RMR starts tomorrow

The Intel Extreme Masters Rio Major 2022 will kick off on October 31, and none of the 24 teams that will take part are yet known. Participants will be determined with the RMRs held in the European, American and Asia-Pacific regions. Today we focus on the American RMR.

The top six teams in the 16-team American RMR will qualify for the IEM Rio Major 2022. Let's take a look at the details together.

IEM Road to Rio 2022: American RMR format

16 teams in the American RMR will compete in a Swiss system format. Elimination and Advancement matches will be Bo3. All other matches will be Bo1. Between Rounds 3 and 5, matches will be seeded using the Buchholz system.

The sixth-place decider will be resolved via a Bo3 single-elimination gauntlet, and the first-place decider will be resolved via a Bo3 single-elimination match.

The first-placed team will enter the IEM Rio Major 2022 from Legend Status, the second and third placed teams from Challenger Status, and the fourth, fifth, and sixth teams from Contender Status. The remaining ten teams will be eliminated.

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IEM Road to Rio 2022: American RMR participants

Credit: IEM
FURIA Esports Imperial Esports Team Liquid paiN Gaming
Complexity Gaming MIBR Nouns Esports 00 Nation
9z Team Evil Geniuses O Plano ATK
Arctic eSports Team oNe eSports Isurus Infinity


There are many strong teams among the sixteen teams that will take part in the American RMR. The first ones that caught my attention are FURIA Esports, Imperial Esports, Team Liquid, paiN Gaming, Complexity Gaming, MIBR, 00 Nation and Evil Geniuses.

I even want to make a prediction for the first six places. I think Team Liquid would qualify for the Major with Legend Status by finishing first in the RMR. Their biggest rival is FURIA Esports. FURIA Esports may be first but I think they will be second.

Especially after their performance in ESL Pro League Season 16, I think Complexity will not give up easily and can get the third place. I think Imperial, paiN Gaming and Evil Geniuses will take the fourth, fifth and sixth places respectively. These teams will perform very close to each other in my opinion. Maybe they can get ahead of Complexity.

MIBR is also likely to be in the top six. If 00 Nation performs out of expectation, they could also qualify for the Major.

IEM Road to Rio 2022: American RMR opening matches

The Brazilian team does not seem to have any difficulties against Infinity.

Imperial Esports is one of RMR's above average teams. It is quite possible that they will defeat Isurus.

It's pretty hard for Arctic eSports to get a ticket for the Rio Major. In the starting match, I think they will lose to paiN Gaming.

Evil Geniuses is almost the absolute favourite against Nouns Esports.

Complexity will most likely be another team that wins in the opening matches.

The most competitive round 1 match will be played between 00 Nation and 9z Team. I think 00 Nation will win.

One of RMR's favourites, Team Liquid will beat Team oNe eSports without difficulty if you ask me.

The winner of the match between two Brazilian teams will most likely be MIBR.

Tomorrow, the American teams will start the spectacular challenge for the Major. Don't forget to follow this competition on Luckbox.