IEM Road to Rio 2022: American RMR has ended

IEM Road to Rio 2022: American RMR, which started on October 5, ended on October 9. Out of 16 teams, six teams qualified for the IEM Rio Major 2022.

Today, we're going to take a look at the teams that qualify for the IEM Rio Major 2022, and especially the competition for Legend Status of the top two places.

How did the group stage end?

As you know, there were 16 teams in the group stage and only six teams would qualify for the IEM Rio Major 2022. Evil Geniuses was in the first place. Team Liquid was following them. They had three wins each and zero losses.

The third, fourth and fifth teams each had three wins and one loss each. 9z Team qualified for the Major with Challenger Status due to the Buchholz Score. Behind them were 00 Nation and FURIA Esports.

Completing the group stage in sixth place, Complexity secured sixth place due to the Buchholz Score. Imperial Esports was seventh and paiN Gaming was eighth.

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Credit: IEM

Three tiebreakers were played

Three tiebreakers were played for first, eighth and sixth places. Let's talk about the 1st Place Match first.

Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid were guaranteed to finish the RMR with at least Challenger Status. For Legend Status, they had to play a tiebreaker. Team Liquid won this match 2-0 and, unlike the group stage, got ahead of their opponents and got Legend Status.

Imperial Esports and paiN Gaming faced off to decide who would forfeit the Major with the eighth place. The winner would face Complexity Gaming for sixth place. Imperial Esports took out paiN Gaming with a comfortable win.

Imperial Esports also won their match against Complexity 2-1 with an overtime score of 22-20 on the last map, qualified to participate in the IEM Rio Major 2022.

IEM Road to Rio 2022: American RMR final standings

You can take a look at the results of the RMR below, where six of the 16 teams finished happily.

Place Team IEM Rio Major
1st Team Liquid Legend Status
2nd Evil Geniuses Challenger Status
3rd 9z Team Challenger Status
4th 00 Nation Contender Status
5th FURIA Esports Contender Status
6th Imperial Esports Contender Status
7th Complexity Gaming -
8th paiN Gaming
9th-11th Nouns Esports
12th-14th MIBR
Team oNe eSports
O Plano
15th-16th Arctic eSports


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