IEM Rio Major 2022’s swiss system explained

The swiss system bracket is a familiar concept for the old school CS:GO fans, but it definitely isn’t an easy one to understand. Before IEM Rio Major 2022, if you think you need to know more about the playoffs system, this is the place for you. Let’s have a look at the format with detailed explanations.

While the swiss system isn’t exclusive to CS:GO esports, with the news of the UEFA Champions League also adopting this format, it is a vital part of CS:GO esports and numerous tournaments were held using this format. Many CS:GO fans would agree with me if I said it is the perfect format to hold an important tournament.

How does the swiss system work?

First, the 16 teams, 8 challengers and 8 contenders are put in the same group. For their first game, they have one designated opponent that they have to face in a best-of-one. Let’s say we follow Team Vitality’s road. Their first opponent here is Imperial Esports. When they win their first game, they are 1-0 with eight other teams.

Vitality plays against one of the seven other teams that started 1-0. If they win once again, they are 2-0 and at the qualification point. They face one of the 2-0 teams in a best-of-three. Until they qualify or lose for the third time, Vitality’s run continues in best-of-three games. 1-1 teams play against 1-1 teams, 2-1 teams play best-of-threes against 2-1 teams and so on.

Don’t forget that 2-0 and 0-2 teams start to play best-of-threes with their third game because it is a qualification/elimination series for them. The rest of the teams start to play best-of-threes in their fourth matches.

After the final 2-2 teams play their final best-of-threes, eight teams make it to the next stage. There, they participate in another swiss system bracket where Legends teams like FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere or ENCE join. The same rules also apply in this bracket, and the top eight teams advance to the playoffs.

In the playoffs, a single-elimination playoffs bracket is played. All matches, including the grand final on November 13 are played in a best-of-three format. The last team standing is the new Major champion.

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When is IEM Rio Major 2022 starting?

If you understand the swiss bracket, you are ready for the IEM Rio Major 2022 action. The event will start on October 31 with the first bracket including the eight contenders. That phase will end on November 3. Between November 3 and 5, the second swiss bracket will be played, named The Legends Stage. Finally, the playoffs will start on November 10, and the grand final will take place on November 13.

The initial $1,250,000 prize pool will be distributed between the teams accordingly to their results. The winner of the Major will take $500,000 while the worst performing teams take $10,000 home. Plus, the players will earn royalties from the stickers etc. sold in CS:GO market.