IEM Rio Major 2022 Semifinal Predictions: MOUZ vs Outsiders

After 10 playdays, we are -semi- finally down to four teams at IEM Rio Major: The former-glory seeking Outsiders, the odds-defying MOUZ, the ever-consistent Heroic and the roaring FURIA.

With only 3 matches to go, Intel Extreme Masters Rio Major 2022 is nearing its end. The first semifinal features Outsiders vs MOUZ, and the second Grand Final spot will go to either Heroic or FURIA Esports.

Outsiders vs MOUZ History At IEM Rio Major 2022

Although it’s only been 10 playdays, Outsiders and MOUZ actually played before, and more than once. Both teams entered the tournament from the very beginning - the Challengers Stage. MOUZ beat Outsiders 16-6 on Inferno in the very first round of the whole tournament. Both teams then went onto the Legends Stage; MOUZ was undefeated and Outsiders’ only loss was against MOUZ.

Fate would pit these two teams against themselves once again in the Legends Stage, this time a best-of-3 matchup. Outsiders avenged their former loss with a 2-0 victory. They managed to outdo MOUZ on both Overpass and Inferno, the map they lost before. Again, both teams reached the Champions Stage.

MOUZ took on one of the giants, Cloud9, and beat them 2-1 with an amazing Ancient performance. Outsiders, on the other hand, gained an easy 2-0 victory against Fnatic. Both teams are now in the Semi Finals, and one of them will be eliminated from the tournament.

Outsiders vs MOUZ Predictions

Match Link: Outsiders vs MOUZ

MOUZ has gone above and beyond at every turn, performing at an even higher level than usual. They are playing absolutely insane CS:GO, they even made a few of our predictions miss the mark because of their amazing performance. frozen has been pushing the team to victory at every stage.

Outsiders is the same powerful that you remember. Now, they haven’t been able to win a major tournament in 2022 barring Dreamhack, but they seem eager to change that right before the year is over. The summer season was especially harsh for them.

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Outsiders have more consistency in their individual performance than MOUZ, which may be the deciding factor here. Up until now, MOUZ has more or less relied on frozen, whereas Jame, fame and FL1T share the burden at Outsiders.

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So, which team do you support? Choose your side, and make your bet! Which team will it be? Will Outsiders take the Grand Final slot, or will MOUZ continue to defy all odds?