IEM Rio Major 2022 Semifinal Predictions: Heroic vs FURIA Esports

After 10 playdays, we are -semi- finally down to four teams at IEM Rio Major: The former-glory seeking Outsiders, the odds-defying MOUZ, the ever-consistent Heroic and the roaring FURIA.

With only 3 matches left, Intel Extreme Masters Rio Major 2022 is nearing its end. The first semifinal features Outsiders vs MOUZ, and the second Grand Final spot will go to either Heroic or FURIA Esports.

Heroic vs FURIA Esports History

Heroic and FURIA Esports haven’t played each other recently. Not only have they never met during IEM Rio Major, but they also haven’t even met at all in 2022. The last time they met was in June 2021, during IEM XVI Cologne Group Lower Bracket. Heroic had then beat FURIA 2-0 in a close matchup despite the score.

In any case, the last game between the two was so long ago that it wouldn’t provide useful information for either team. It could very well be said that we are in uncharted territory here.

Heroic vs FURIA Esports Prediction

Match Link: Heroic vs FURIA Esports

Heroic has been very consistent with its results so far. With a long-standing team, they know each other inside out. Every team member pulls their weight in their victories, so it doesn’t depend on one player shining through.

FURIA was one of the three Brazilian teams competing here at IEM Rio Major, and after the Challengers Stage they were the only one left. They performed even better than their usual high standards during the tournament. They lost only one map to BIG during the Challengers Stage, and managed to avenge the loss with a 2-0 win against them at the Legends Stage.

Of course, the audience support has been phenomenal for FURIA, playing on their home ground. Even Heroic made a remark of the absolutely marvellous reactions FURIA has been getting from the crowd:

FURIA is playing godly at the moment, and they seem hellbent on writing history on their home turf. On the flip side, Heroic looks calm and even nonchalant. This could be the matchup between the most blazing and the coolest teams of CS:GO.

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So, what do you think? Do you think the audience can get under one of the most coolheaded teams of CS:GO? Or will FURIA use the home turf advantage and make it to the Grand Final? Place your bets and enjoy this spectacular event.