IEM Rio Major 2022: RMRs are over

24 teams that will compete in IEM Rio Major 2022 are determined after the Regional Major Rankings around the world. The tournament will start on October 31 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and we now know the teams that will clash for victory. Let’s take a look at who is coming.

They are historically the best region in CS:GO, and Europe sent 16 teams in total to Rio Major. America sent 6 teams, three of which will start in the Challengers Stage. Asia-Pacific sent two teams, one Mongolian and one Australian, both of which will start in the Challengers Stage.


Europe hosted two RMRs and sent six teams to start directly from the Legends Stage: PGL Major Antwerp 2022 winner FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, Ninjas in Pyjamas, ENCE, Sprout, Heroic and Team Spirit. We expected FaZe and NAVI to be here, NIP and ENCE would make it to the Major somehow, but Sprout definitely outdid themselves by starting in such an advantageous position.

OG, Team Vitality, BIG, Bad News Eagles, MOUZ and Cloud9 will start as Challengers, and Team GamerLegion, Outsiders and Fnatic will start as Contenders. The biggest shock was definitely G2 Esports, Astralis and even forZe missing the Major this year. Europe sends different representatives like BNE, GamerLegion and Sprout instead of such strong organizations.

Considering their runs in the RMRs, G2 and Astralis definitely had it coming. Although they didn’t look bad recently, they couldn’t even force teams like 1win, forZe and GamerLegion. Missing a Major is the worst possible outcome for such big organizations, and we might see some roster changes in the near future.

Sprout’s 3-1 run was amazing, the only match they lost was against FaZe Clan with 1-2. This points out that Sprout would be a great representative at the Major and a fresh new team to watch, even if they can’t make it to the playoffs. It’s nice to see good performances like this being awarded.

We will also follow GamerLegion, Bad News Eagles and Fnatic closely. They made it to the Major at the last minute, but their opponents weren’t even G2 or Astralis. It was a huge chance and they took it. I wonder how they will use this chance to play at a Major.

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America sends six teams: the American RMR winner Team Liquid is the only team that starts in the Legends Stage. YEKINDAR’s amazing performance brought them a second place in EPL Season 16, and they will also have the chance to represent NA at Major after defeating Evil Geniuses in the first place tie-breaker.

Evil Geniuses, 9z Team, 00 Nation, FURIA Esports and Imperial Esports will follow TL to the Rio Major. Two NA, one LATAM and three Brazilian teams will be participating in the tournament that will take place in Brazil. It was weird to see Brazil fail to take first place, but you can award that achievement to YEKINDAR, probably.

Three Brazilian teams in their home ground will be an amazing sight: make sure to watch the Rio Major as their story unfolds. Imperial, FURIA and 00 Nation definitely have rosters that can make something happen. 9z Team also includes Brazilian players; check them out as well.


As the weakest region in CS:GO, Asia-Pacific sends two representatives to Rio Major, Mongolian IHC Esports and Australian Grayhound Gaming. You can find our article below to learn more about them:

Their chances are really low, but it’s still beautiful to see teams from all around the world compete for the same thing. Even if they can’t get many wins, having them at the Major will be nice. They will definitely bring something fresh to the table.