IEM Rio Major 2022 begins: Schedule and betting odds

Brazil is ready for the next awesome CS:GO Major. The IEM Rio Major 2022 kicks off on October 31. Well, are you ready?

Today we will take a look at the opening matches of the Challengers Stage of the IEM Rio Major 2022.

Challengers Stage format

First of all, let's talk about what Challenger Stage is for those who don't know. Sixteen teams participating in the tournament as Contenders and Challengers face each other on the Challengers Stage. In the matches determined with a Swiss format, all matches except the elimination and advancement matches will be held as Bo1. Elimination and advancement encounters will be Bo3.

The top eight teams will advance to the Legends Stage, while the remaining eight will bid farewell to the IEM Rio Major 2022.

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Credit: ESL

Challengers Stage opening matches

All Round 1 matches of the Challengers Stage will be played on October 31st.

The Major will kick off with a great match. It will start with the meeting of two of the strongest teams on the Stage. The odds are pretty close. Contrary to what odd's have shown, I think Outsiders has a slight advantage over MOUZ.

Both teams are underdogs of the Challengers Stage. Team GamerLegion looks closer to victory.

Here is another great match. The winner is hard to predict, I leave the choice up to you, but my choice would be Bad News Eagles.

If any of you are looking for a match with a guaranteed winner, the match between OG and Grayhound Gaming is perfect for them. OG will most likely win the match.

Both teams are among the biggest contenders on the Legends Stage. I can say that the Brazilian representative, FURIA Esports, is closer to victory.

It seems unlikely that IHC Esports will advance in the tournament. I don't think they will win against Evil Geniuses either.

Team Vitality is perhaps one of the biggest favorites of the tournament. I think they will complete the Challengers Stage in the first place. So, in my opinion, they will not have much difficulty against Imperial Esports.

Cloud9 is also one of the favourite teams of the tournament. I think Challengers Stage will be a piece of cake for them. I don't think Fnatic will give them a hard time either.

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