IEM Rio 2023: Group B LB Quarterfinals betting odds

We're absolutely racing through IEM Rio 2023, which kicked off yesterday (April 17) with the Group Stage.

IEM Rio: Group B Lower Bracket Quarterfinals Schedule and betting odds

The Group Stage will run from April 17-19, and only six of the 16 competing teams will survive to make it through to the Playoffs, which will begin with the Quarterfinals on April 21.

And that means teams will be eliminated thick and fast over the next few days. Two Group A teams have already been eliminated from the tournament - with both MOUZ and Imperial Esports being eliminated on the very first day of the tournament.

And it's now time for Group B to face the chopping block, with four teams fighting for survival in the Group B Lower Bracket Quarterfinals - which will begin at 15:00 GMT with a match between Team Vitality and MIBR.

Team Vitality (1.13) vs MIBR (5.00)

As one of the stronger teams competing in Rio this week, it's a surprise to see Team Vitality facing potential elimination so early in the tournament. Unfortunately for them, however, Team Vitality suffered an overtime loss to OG in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals, ending the best-of-one match with a score of 17-19. It was a disappointing start for the team, who are no doubt keen to improve on their 12th - 14th placement at IEM Rio 2022.

MIBR, meanwhile, are coming in fresh from a much less one-sided defeat, having been dominated by Cloud9 with a score of 16-8 in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals. The match on Anubis was a bruising affair for MIBR, with their strongest performing player, Henrique 'HEN1' Teles, boasting a kill-death ratio of just 17-16. It seems that MIBR's time at their first-ever IEM Rio may well be short-lived, as they're facing steep odds against Team Vitality here.

The odds are heavily in Team Vitality's favour here, at 1.13 vs MIBR's 5.00.

Our second Group B Lower Bracket Quarterfinals match will also take place at 15:)) GMT, when 9z Team will go up against Fnatic.

9z Team (3.20) vs Fnatic (1.30)

9z Team had a nightmarish start to IEM Rio, where they had the misfortune of being matched up against FaZe Clan in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals. FaZe Clan breezed to victory with a decisive score of 16-3 on Overpass. Given FaZe Clan's incredible performance recently, 9z's loss was perhaps expected - but with their strongest-performing player, David 'dav1deuS' Tapia Maldonado, recording a kill-death ratio of 12-17, there's very little for the team to celebrate here. And while Fnatic don't have quite the same track record as FaZe Clan, 9z Team will nonetheless need to pull out all the stops to survive to fight another day.

Fnatic meanwhile are fresh from their loss to FURIA Esports, after their match on Ancient ended with a score of 19-15. While Fnatic were able to put the Brazilian team through their paces, FURIA's flawless defence of the B bombsite in overtime proved fatal for Fnatic's Upper Bracket Quarterfinal hopes. Fnatic performed well at the last IEM Rio, ranking in 5th - 8th place in 2022, and their fans are no doubt hoping that their 2023 run isn't about to end as soon as it started.

The odds are in Fnatic's favour here, at 1.30 vs 9z Team's 3.20.

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