AUG meta in full effect at IEM Katowice 2019

If you’re a fan of CSGO, then the term "AUG meta" is not going to be a stranger to you, but there may be a few others out there who haven’t been dragged into the conversation just yet. For those lucky folk, the issue arose with the introduction of a new price for the scoped rifles, the AUG and the SG-553, and the change in usage that followed that alteration, which has led to the AUG in particular becoming far more popular.

Never ones to believe the social media noise, we took to the best stats site in esports, HLTV, to examine the impact the price change made to how much each gun has been bought. As it turns out, there has been a massive swing in usage, from the London Major to IEM Katowice 2019 so far, with the gun becoming the second-most popular purchase in the game behind only the AK-47.

In London, the gun does not appear on the list of most used weapons, putting it below the 2.68% the MP9 had.


In contrast, at the Katowice Major, the gun is currently the second most used, somewhere around 24%, with the AK-47 at 38% at the time of writing.


This is a dramatic swing, and has led to a lot of professional players taking to social media to express their sentiments about what they see as an overpowered gun.

Any balance changes will wait until after the Major, but there can be no doubt that players have woken up to the power of magnification on a rifle, and the game may have changed forever as a result. Whether it is overpowered is more debatable than that, but professional players seem united in their belief that something must be done if the meta is not to sink into turgid game of holding corners with a scope, waiting to take advantage of your superior range.



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