IEM Katowice 2023: NAVI vs G2 Group A UB Final betting odds

It's almost time for the Playoffs, as both Natus Vincere (NAVI) and G2 get ready to close out the Group A upper bracket on February 7 - in a dramatic face-off that you'll definitely not want to miss!

IEM Katowice 2023: NAVI vs G2 Esports schedule and betting odds

NAVI and G2 are the first teams to qualify for the Playoffs, which will take place from February 10-12. Regardless of who wins in this upper bracket final, both teams will participate in the playoffs - With the winner of today's match advancing to the semifinals, while the loser will compete in the quarterfinals.

Once there they'll be competing for their share of the $1,000,000, alongside an automatic invitation to IEM Cologne 2023, taking place from July 25 to August 6, 2023.

The Group A upper bracket final match will see NAVI going up against G2 at 15:00 GMT on February 7.

NAVI (2.42) vs G2 Esports (1.57)

After a disappointing showing at this year's BLAST Premier Spring Groups, NAVI seem to be on much better form - giving fans hope that they can live up to their former glories after the Ukrainian team struggled through 2022. The team has yet to concede even a single map so far this tournament, having kicked things off with a 2-0 victory over Cloud9, before going on to claim another 2-0 win over Team Liquid on February 5.  NAVI's performance at last year's IEM Katowice bodes well too, as the team were able to rank in 3rd-4th place, giving their fans further hope that they'll be able to go the distance again this year.

But they're facing steep competition with G2 Esports, who are playing brilliantly so far this season. G2 are fresh from their 1st-3rd place victory at this year's BLAST Premier Spring Groups and have pulled off some terrific performances already in Katowice. G2's 2-0 win over BIG on February 4 was promising enough, but they excited fans on February 5 with their 2-0 victory over FaZe Clan, the IEM Katowice 2022 defending champions. Their victory was particularly notable given that it was FaZe Clan who denied G2 victory at the final of last year's IEM Katowice, with G2's revenge giving them the momentum to potentially come out on top at the end of IEM Katowice 2023.

Given that success, the odds are in G2's favour here, at 1.57 vs NAVI's 2.42.

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