'Greatest of all time' Astralis crush ENCE in IEM Katowice 2019 final

Astralis strengthened their label as the best CSGO team of all time with a commanding IEM Katowice final victory over ENCE to claim their second successive Major.

The dominant Danes won 16-11 on Train before crushing their Finnish rivals 16-4 on Inferno to add more silverware to a glittering era.

The victory meant Astralis took home the $500,000 winners' prize.

It was the low point of a fairytale Major for ENCE, who won many admirers with their surprising run to the final, which included victories over FaZe and Na'Vi.

IEM Katowice 2019 MVP

Astralis's Magisk was named MVP for the CSGO Major.


Highlights and reaction

For dupreeh

Astralis coach zonic dedicated the team's victory to Dupreeh, whose father died last month.

The best of all time

Are Astralis the best of all time? Esports legend Paul Chaloner certainly thinks so.


Sergej ladder skills

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

allu's amazingly accurate footshot

Xyp9x closes out Train to give Astralis the lead