IEM Dallas Group B Update & Betting Odds

Group B is nothing short of its counterpart, and sometimes even better since it doesn’t have the tournament favourites FaZe Clan and ENCE on its list. This unpredictability makes it the opposite of a group of death and stakes are always changing.

In a couple of hours the group stage of the tournament will be over and the teams that qualify for the playoffs will be decided.

Let’s take a look at what happened in the Group B matches previously, and which team may win the upcoming matches.

Schedule & Betting odds

Below are the current predictions for the upcoming matches. Teams that are highlighted in bold have the odds in their favour. You can click on the date/time to take yourself directly to the detailed match page, and live bet whilst the matches play out.

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Group B

Upper Bracket Round 3

Lower Bracket Round 2

Who will win IEM Dallas Group B?

Cloud9, FURIA, MIBR, BIG, NiP, Liquid these are the names that will be fighting over for their seed at the playoffs.

FURIA has qualified for the knockout rounds of IEM Dallas 2022 after dominating Cloud9 in Group B's upper bracket semi-final.

The Brazilians are now in a secure position for the playoffs whether in 1st or 2nd place. They may be challenged from their current standing by the German giants BIG though.

Coming onto Cloud9, they aren't out yet, but they'll have to play NIP in the bottom bracket to stay alive.

Cloud9 were unable to display their finest form against FURIA on Vertigo, and the Brazilians swiftly took them out of their comfort zone in typical manner, with Andrei "arT" Piovezan showing off his skills.

"saffee" Rafael Costa delivered another outstanding effort on the skyscraper, completing the CT side with a 20-7 K-D and a 1.74 rating, driving his team to a 10-5 halftime lead.

After swapping sides Sergey "Ax1Le" Rykhtorov tried his best to contain the South Americans as the Russian squad narrowed the lead to 9-12, but they were unable to complete the comeback. FURIA won the map 16-9 before switching to Mirage.

"sh1ro" Dmitry Sokolov was an important part of the Russian defence against the Brazilians on Mirage, helping his team cut the lead to 7-8 heading into the second half. FURIA soon re-established themselves as the favourites on the CT side. Whatever individual abilities Cloud9 have, Furia just does it better.

Cloud9 had it easy against the underwhelming Team Liquid, but it is likely that the NiP roster will be their end this time.

On Vertigo, the home squad of Liquid went off against Cloud9. On the CT side, the Nick "nitr0" Cannella-led squad started brightly, but their failure to control Dmitry "sh1ro" Sokolov rapidly led to their defence crumbling.

The Russian core entered the second half with a comfortable 10-5 lead, and it did not take long for them to increase their lead and win by a score of 16-6.

Although Liquid’s poor performance may put them in a precarious position MIBR isn’t faring much better. They will struggle against their opponents and this match could go either way.

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