IEM Dallas 2023: Quarterfinals betting odds

This year's IEM Dallas has finally reached the Playoff stage - with four teams due to take the spotlight on June 2.

IEM Dallas 2023: Quarterfinals betting odds, schedule and predictions

IEM Dallas has been running since May 29, when 16 teams joined to duke it out over the $250,000 grand prize - with the June 4 Grand Final winner on June 4 receiving $100,000, 2,400 BLAST Premier Points alongside a qualification to IEM Cologne 2023.

Just six teams are left in this stage of the tournament, with Heroic and ENCE having both qualified for the Semifinals through their incredible runs through the Group Stage - with Heroic having dominated Group A, while ENCE emerged as the highest-ranked team in Group B.

But we have the Quarterfinals to look forward to before Heroic and ENCE take the stage - with our first Quarterfinal match due to take place on June 2 at 19:30 GMT, when Astralis will go up against MOUZ.

Astralis (1.55) vs MOUZ (2.30)

After a disappointing performance in the past few months, Astralis had a promising run through the IEM Dallas Group Stage - reigniting fans' long-standing hopes that they could once again find their way back to the top of the Counter-Strike scene. The team had a great start in Group B, claiming a closely-fought victory over Team Liquid in the Group B Upper Bracket Quarterfinals - with a score of 19-17. Following that, they claimed a decisive 2-0 win over Cloud9, earning their place in the Upper Bracket Final match against ENCE. And while that match went against them, they nonetheless earned their spot in the Playoffs - but do they have what it takes to make it through to the Semifinals?

Not if MOUZ has anything to say about it. The squad had a similarly strong start to the tournament, having claimed a decisive 16-9 victory over Fnatic in their best-of-one Upper Bracket Quarterfinals match. Their fortunes quickly turned against them, however, with the team going on to suffer a 0-2 loss to Heroic in the Upper Bracket Semifinals, sending them down to the Lower Bracket. Still, MOUZ claimed decisive 2-0 wins over both FURIA Esports and OG to stay in the running and make it through to the Playoffs. They're facing some troubling odds against Astralis, but can MOUZ pull off an upset here?

The odds are in Astralis' favour here, at 1.55 vs MOUZ's 2.30.

Our next Quarterfinal match will take place at 23:00 GMT on June 2, when G2 Esports will face off against FaZe Clan.

G2 Esports (1.58) vs FaZe Clan (2.20)

Despite high expectations for the team, G2 Esports has routinely disappointed their fans in recent months. The team may have claimed victory at IEM Katowice, but has struggled ever since - with disappointing runs at ESL Pro League Season 17 and the Paris Major sitting heavy in recent memory. However, their run in Dallas so far has given fans reason to hope - with G2 having claimed decisive wins over both Nouns Esports (16-5) and OG (2-0) so far. Their Group A Upper Bracket Final match went against them, however, with Heroic claiming a 2-0 victory. Despite that setback, G2 are off to a promising start - but can they hold their own against FaZe Clan?

FaZe Clan has similarly failed to live up to their fans' high expectations in recent months. The team had an incredible start to the year, when they were awarded with the Intel Grand Slam bonus prize following their first-place finish at ESL Pro League Season 17. Despite that honour, FaZe has struggled at the past two tournaments - having placed in 9th - 12th place at IEM Rio 2023 and 5th - 8th place at the Paris Major. Their IEM Dallas run has been promising so far - with their sole setback coming in the Upper Bracket Semifinals, when FaZe suffered a 2-0 loss to ENCE. Still, the team was able to qualify through a near-perfect run through the Lower Bracket, and isn't a team to be written off just yet.

The odds are in G2 Esports' favour here, at 1.58 vs FaZe Clan's 2.20.

We're in the final stretch of IEM Dallas, with the Grand Final just days away. And so you're bound to not want to miss a moment of this week's tournament - and so make sure you tune in to watch CS:GO live via our IEM Dallas match schedule. And before you bet on CS:GO, make sure that you've claimed your free 100% bonus!