IEM Cologne 2022 play-in stage starts tomorrow

A great tournament is starting for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lovers. The play-in stage of IEM Cologne 2022 will begin tomorrow.

Today we are going to take a look at the schedule and predictions of the first matches in the play-in stage of this magnificent tournament.

IEM Cologne 2022 play-in stage matches and predictions

There are 16 teams in the play-in stage. Eight teams will advance to the group stage and the 16-team main stage will begin. Teams that lose in the play-in stage will not be eliminated directly. If they win two consecutive matches in the lower bracket, they will qualify for the group stage. Likewise, teams that will remain in the upper bracket will have to win one more match for the group stage.

Heroic is one of the strongest teams in the play-in stage. They won the Pinnacle Cup Championship last month. They are expected to win this match as well.

MOUZ is on the favourite side against paiN Gaming. Looking at the recent performances of the two teams, the Brazilian team is more likely to lose.

CS:GO fans still remember Team Spirit's spectacular performance in PGL Major Antwerp 2022 that helped them reach the semifinals. They are also expected to be the winning side against Complexity Gaming.

Although Astralis is far from its glory days last year, it still has the power to defeat 00 Nation. The winner of the match will probably be Astralis.

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ORDER's promotion to the group stage is highly unlikely. BIG will be the winner of the match if we do not see any big surprises.

The match between Outsiders and Imperial Esports will probably be more competitive than the matches we have talked about so far. Still, Outsiders is likely to have the upper hand against their rivals.

The French team is expected to make a name for themselves not only against TYLOO and during the play-in stage, but throughout the entire tournament. It would be a big surprise if Team Vitality is eliminated early.

We have come to the hardest match of the week to predict. Recently, Movistar Riders has been performing slightly better than MIBR. The odds of winning the match for them are also higher, but it is definitely a match not to be missed.

The play-in stage will end on July 6 and the real excitement will begin on July 7 with the group stage. Don't forget to follow the latest news about IEM Cologne 2022 on Luckbox.