Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational 2021 starts on December 23

Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational 2021, where ten leading Asian teams will compete, kicks off on December 23. Eight teams were invited directly to the tournament while the other two qualified through closed qualifiers. The teams participating in the tournament with the qualifier are iG.Vitality and Team MagMa.

Here's what you need to know about the Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational 2021 with a total prize pool of 880,000 CNY ($138,232).

Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational 2021 format

Ten teams divided into two groups of five will compete in a single round-robin format. All matches in the group stage will be Bo2. The top two teams of both groups will advance to the upper bracket playoffs. The third and fourth placed teams will continue from the lower bracket playoffs.

The playoffs will be played in a double elimination bracket. The grand finals is Bo5, while all other rounds are Bo3.

Credit: Huya

Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational 2021 groups

Group A

When we look at Group A, it is certain that there will be a great battle between Vici Gaming, Xtreme and Royal Never Give Up. But the other teams should not be underestimated either. Group A looks more competitive than Group B.

Group B

The most outstanding teams in Group B are Invictus and Aster. OB.Neon and TNC Predator seem slightly less favoured than the teams in the group. It will also be interesting to see the performance of iG.Vitality, which is taking part in the tournament with the qualifier.

Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational 2021 schedule

December 23

  • iG.V - TNC (07:00 CET)
  • OB.Neon - iG (09:00 CET)
  • VG - SMG (11:00 CET)
  • iG - TNC (13:00 CET)

December 24

  • Xtreme - SMG (07:00 CET)
  • VG - MagMa (09:00 CET)
  • iG.V - iG (11:00 CET)
  • VG - RNG (13:00 CET)

December 25

  • Aster - iG.V (07:00 CET)
  • Xtreme - MagMa (09:00 CET)
  • iG - Aster (1:00 CET)
  • VG - Xtreme (13:00 CET)

December 26

  • iG.V - OB.Neon (07:00 CET)
  • RNG - Xtreme (09:00 CET)
  • Aster - OB.Neon (11:00 CET)
  • RNG - SMG (13:00 CET)

December 27

  • RNG - MagMa (07:00 CET)
  • OB.Neon - TNC (09:00 CET)
  • MagMa - SMG (11:00 CET)
  • Aster - TNC (13:00 CET)

With the conclusion of the group stage matches, the playoff stage of Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational 2021 will begin on December 28. The grand final of the tournament, which has matches to watch every day, will be played on December 31 at 11:00 CET.

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55,000 CNY

Alongside the Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational 2021, the amazing tournaments of the Dota Pro Circuit continue.

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