Hunt: Showdown has a new enemy now

Hunt: Showdown doesn't see much major updates like many other games. But when it does, it usually shifts the game's meta in a whole new direction.

You could assume that getting enthusiastic over an update that adds pistol-wielding zombies is merely a product of Major Update Privation among the Hunt community, but this time it's easily one of the most annoying monsters ever added to the game and considering how everything in Hunt tries to kill you at every nanosecond, I think it's a good call. That's why we love Hunt right?

Pistol grunts are one of the new features included in the forthcoming 1.8.1 release. These grunts' rusty firearms won't be able to shoot you, but when they melee assault you, the gun will discharge one shot into the air before shattering. Hunt: Showdown, more than any other game, relies on sound to identify foes on the map, therefore a single pistol shot might derail a covert approach.

Therefore, pistol grunts will be the loudest noise traps in the game. Taking them down before they alert your position to everyone around you is a new box on the to-do list of this unorthodox battle royale.

Lantern grunts, which carry both lit and unlit lanterns, will also be included in the 1.8.1 update. If you are struck by a lighted lantern, you will be set alight; if you are struck by an unlit lantern, you will be drenched with oil (which can subsequently be set alight).

A new quest system will also be added, which will replace the randomised daily and weekly tasks that players have previously received. Each week, you'll be able to select from nine jobs, each with its own reward and'star' worth. So for each task you complete, you get a prize, and if you gather 30 stars in a week, you get 25 Blood Bonds. The new mechanics will be more welcoming for the new players in the unforgiving and dangerous world of Hunt: Showdown.