Hungrybox calls for security after crab attack at Pound 2019

Super Smash Bros Melee star Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma has called for tighter security at events after an angry fan threw a dead crab at him during Pound 2019.

Team Liquid's Hungrybox beat Cloud9's Joseph “Mango” Marquez in the final at in Laurel, Maryland, USA before the astonishing attack on Sunday.

Hungrybox, 25, tweeted on Tuesday to say he would be willing to accept smaller payouts if it meant better security at events.

Hungrybox tweeted: "Now that we've had our laughs, I gotta say it. I'm lucky it was just a crab this time. And not a rock. Or a brick. Or, God forbid, something worse.

"To all TOs - please ensure professional security (and) detectors at events. I'll gladly take a smaller payout if it means having this."

Another blow for Smash scene reputation

The Hungrybox crab attack is the latest in a series of incidents to have damaged the reputation of the Smash esports scene.

Earlier in April, Charlie "AbsentPage" McKinley was banned from a number of events for posting abusive comments about another player on Twitter, while in January, Smash Conference United was overshadowed as M2K suffered abuse from the crowd.